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Some Seriously Disgusting Sh*t in Syringe After Aspirating

So I inject my delts ED with slin pins, the last couple of days when aspirating, out comes some disgusting shit into my syringe, anyone know what this can be? I took some photos of it:

What the fff is that?

I have no idea but your nails are clipped way to short.


I have no idea but how the hell did it make thru the needle?

The other question is, why aspirate? It kind of been decided as being unnecessary.

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With a slin pin you might want to aspirate, no? Sure, a 25g needle is too big to get right up in a little vein by accident, but I would think a slin potentially could get in one good, even if only for part of the injection. I have had an issue with a 27g needle where blood started pooling and I couldn’t stop it, so I had to cut the injection short. I was practically done injecting when the blood started pooling, so I didn’t really waste anything, but it was definitely going right into a vein at that point if I finished injecting.

Probably not. Breaking a vein isn’t injecting into one, and pooling blood virtually guarantees that nothing is going in, the pressure pushing out prevents that. And ease off on the nails man, that looks uncomfortable.

Suppose I pushed back against that pressure. I’m definitely in a vein bc of the blood at that point, so where’s it going? Also, not my nails!:smile::smile:

You’re probably through the vein and on the other side somewhere, or there wouldn’t be blood pooling. If you were in the vein it wouldn’t pool under the skin until you pulled out.

Lmfao @zeek1414 why do you notice the most random shit ever lol!



Lol I hate super short nails they give you the wierd feeling when you touch stuff. Makes me cringe.

He’s lucky he blurred out the background looks like some sorta industrial bathroom with toilet paper on the floor this is upsetting as well.


Sorry, I meant pooling into the syringe, not under the skin.

Yeah i absolutely hate that feeling when you accidentally clip a nail too short. That feeling when it brushes against your clothes urgh hate it. Any tips on when that happens? @zeek1414

Like do you just ride it out and let them grow again or wear a plaster on that finger?


Any ideas what it might be yet? “Old testosterone” from the previous day?!

Man you gotta put a band-aid on the finger! Or some medical tape and jack up the biotin dose so they grow quicker. It’s the worse can’t even properly pick your nose right. You end up walking around with boogers all in your shit and taped up fingers😔

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Ah never thought of a biotin PCT. It makes sense. Yeah losing that ability to pick your nose in the morning and having to use a tissue instead destroys that natural connection you have with yourself. Never trust a person with overly short nails, if they cant feel its too short, they’ll have no feelings whatsoever and will fuck you over in the blink of an eye. The nails never lie.

Come to think of it, that looks like a booger in the syringe and the OP has short nails, I’m connecting the dots here. @zeek1414



it looks like puss

Whenever I’m cutting and feel hungry, I’m going to come back and look at those photos again.


That is pretty strange and gross, the only thing I can think of is if your oil is MCT and some agent that you aspirated caused a coagulation?

I once heard about a report where a guy was in the hospital for chest pains and weakness and his triglyceride count in his blood was so high it had a milky, white composition.

It is subcutaneous tissue; most likely fat.

You should see a pic of the bathrooms in my house, if you send me an email I’ll send you a pic of the sinks in my bathrooms (they’re designed to look like… I don’t know, but it’s curved in a way that our cat sleeps in the sink), I think you’ll be very content…