Some Seriously Asymmetrical Lower Back

I just started doing stiff legged deadlifts after a car accident and several months of rehab. I’ve noticed that the right side of my lower back is noticeably, I mean hunch-back of Notre-Damme noticeable. I know that my right leg is longer than my left leg by 1cm but would this be a cause? Most importantly I need to figure out how to bring my left side back up to speed with the right. Are there any lower back exercises that would allow me to isolate each side so that I can compensate for my current inequities? Thanks for any help.

Yeah, the leg length problem can TOTALLY cause an imbalance along your total body.

I have the same problem.

You need to have some custom made orthotics, that will even out your legs. Go to a sports medicine doctor and tell them what the problem is. They can analyze some amazing things about your body and how it is aligned.

use dumbells in each hand and look in the mirror. make sure that you are even as you are coming up. 1 cm. is not that big of a difference. get some orthotics to correct the situation. laters pk