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Some serious training weaknesses. Might try westide, please look.

Hey guys, what’s up? Um…let’s start with the stats, 15 years old, 5’4.5", 125lbs., 180lb. bench press, 215 full squat, 245x2 deadlift, 145 clean, 110 snatch. All of those lifts are raw. My weak lift is my squat. For sure. I can’t even do one Glute Ham Raise! I can’t even do a controlled eccentric GHR. That’s pathetic. I’m working on form right now, and I’m strongly considering a westside program. My goals are a 225lb. bench press, 275lb. full squat, and a 300lb. deadlift by Jan. 1st. Do you think I can get there? I’m hoping with box squats on westside and the assistance exercises I’ll gain very nice. I have a question though…what exercises should I do to build up to be able to do one full GHR? I can work my way up from the GHR but I don’t know how to get there. Also, is there a stretching routine you can give me for the lowerbody? I’m starting to work on my kicking power and form, and my leg flexibility is greatly limiting my potential. And just one more thing…what are some movements I can fit into the westside program that will give me a boost on my clean? The weight feels really heavy when I try my max. Thanks for any help provided and have a nice day!

Cleans helped my deadlifts. And what I did to improve my cleans was work on…cleans. Front squats may also help you with cleans.

It also depends on what type of cleans you’re working on. Is it hang cleans? Power cleans? This is also a good question to direct to Christian Thibaudeau in his forum.

And what helped me on my glute-ham raises was working on…glute-ham raises. I’m VERY near to be able to perform one full glute-ham raise from the floor and can easily perform the eccentric portion of the exercise. I also perform reverse hypers. Stiff leg deadlifts is another good one.

Your question about Westside can be posted in the “Westside Questions” thread in this forum. It seems you have ALOT of questions, what I advise you to do is read the FAQ for now. And you can certainly use the search engine for your stretching question. “Stretching” is a good topic for your search. I went ahead and performed a search and several article choices appeared: “The Lazy Man’s Guide to Stretching” and a “Heavy Metal” with Ian King are a few.

Hope this helps.

At your age and weight those lifts arent that bad. Actually they are pretty good. Read all you can about westside. every article and every website you can. stick with the basics and you will go far. no chains or bands for you for a while. read, read, read.

Hey Bud seriously congrats on those lifts at your age and weight …good job… Keep working hard. Also trust me and follow Goldbergs advice and read read read…Check out elitefitnesssystems.com

Now about Incorperating cleans into westside, the best way to do this is to do your clean workout before you squat on dynamic day…Good Luck Big martin

I third the suggestions of read read read.

And don’t understand at all what you are talking about with serious weaknesses… sheesh at your body weight and size you have higher lift numbers than probably half of the high school football team does…