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Some Scam Help


I got some stuff off of the roid store and after learning that its vitamans i want to cancell my order, it hasnt been shipped and its still on pending what can i do?


If you can't tell difference between roids and vitamines, I think you should take the vitamines and forget about roids.


first off what is the roid store, is it a chain? I wonder if they have one here in Ny, but anyway how did you mistake steroids for vitamins? I guess you could call "the roid store" or email them about trying to cancel your order or just ship it back right when you get it and ask for a refund


Call the company, or e-mail, and if they don't refund your order threaten to call your credit card company and have the payment retracted.


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It's economics. Ethics and income are inversely correlated.


Taken from their "store/add to cart" page-

**Warning: Deca-Durabolan, Dianabol, Winstrol, Clenbuteral, Anavar, and Trenbolone are toxic Anabolic Steroids

You might notice that none of the products that they sell have the name of any actual anabolic steroids. They all have sound alikes.
They also don't state that any of their products are real anabolic steroids.

Nor do they provide a dose/volume ratio like "25ng/ml" which are included on actual pharmaceuticals.

They are bogus in that they are not real anabolic steroids, but it looks like you can get a partial refund on un-opened containers.



That will get you a full refund, minus 25% restocking fee. What you've bought though, isn't even a shipment of vitamins. These are inert substances (i.e. they do nothing.) Consider this a lesson and do a whole lot of reading.

Posters on this site are very cavalier about endorsing steroids, which truly aren't as bad as the public at large makes them out to be, but that doesn't mean one shouldn't proceed with caution in deciding if (s)he should use and in doing the proper research.


www.roidstore.com/affiliates/jrox.php?id=2 Those scum bags at Anabolic Review, have a banner for the Roid Store, there a bunch of money hungry douch bags. Once you question them they ban you, they like to keep the newbies around to take advantage of them. Most the older members that were there to help people are gone cause they coudnt take there bullshit no more.


No i know i was just joking, ive seen the site before i think he should have just caught that they werent the real deal, however they do get people to buy that stuff so i guess you cant blame em


I have 5 bottoles of clen and Tren and Win from Roid store... I tried to return it, but the guy was not having it... Its a joke, I got scammed as well by them...Not really scammed cause I was the Dumbas who paid 500 bills for it....So really I was the Dumbas...LOL

Then I came to this site and learned the real deal...
Thanks goodness for T-Nation....

But hey one good thing my wife loves the clen she says it makes her not want to eat that much... So she can use them all she wants... So not a total loss... LOL

But thats about all its good for... LOL



Simple solution to the 25% restocking fee: Call your credit card company and tell them the charge is fraudulent. Tell them you checked your account and you never made that purchase, you won't have to pay it.


Two unethical (if you even want to call it that in this case) actions certainly do make it even. If they're non-domestic it should be even easier to get your credit card company to refund the money.


Shit yes, those guys are consciously misinforming consumer in order to charge them higher than market prices for their products. Fuck em.


complete waste. Way to waste a hundred bucks by not doing any research.


First of all can you back that up scientifically. Tell me exactly what "methadrostenol" is. I have seen all negative reviews, and slander of it , but I have yet to see someone say "I used it, worked out hard, and noticed nothing".


methadrostenol is them trying to sound like methandrostenolone, AKA dianabol. its the name they're using to market some bullshit "legal steroid" ProHormone. unless i'm completely wrong here, which i don't think so, this stuff is going to do nothing for you. As a matter of fact its probably going to do more harm than good.


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bushy, If it could make you shoot laserbeams from you dick instead of your eyes, I'd be in. Don't know why but for some reason that sounds like fun :wink:


They FEED on guys like you . no offensive meant by that, but you know what i mean. Guys new to the game that what "roids" so they find some place called roid-something, wow how awesome is this right? and wham place an order. how many of these "dbols" were you getting for $100? and at what mg were they advertised