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Some Results and Some Questions


Hi guys, I wrote some weeks ago https://forums.t-nation.com/t/5-3-1-for-hardgainers-substitutes/225797 .
Finally I didn’t do that program, I bought the book and I decided that I wanted to do the full body template.

I changed it a little bit because I can train 4 days a week and I thought It would be a better idea to do the 5/3/1 set of OHP on a extra day rather to do it after deadlifts (because of performance).

I was on vacations so I did 2 sessions of conditioning a week with some hiit and some light cardio but now I can’t because I’m with classes (taking and doing at college).

I’m doing the exercises as planned with the standard 5/3/1, then joker sets then FSL with 3 sets and 10 reps (varying rest times every week since the FSL is heavier or lighter)
(It may seem like too much, but I’m 21 and with good recovery).

Results have been amazing as this week (week 6) I established long time PRs with every lift.
I got something like 1.5kg (completely lean) in this period so it is working perfectly.
That being said, THANKS JIM.

I have some questions now because I’m going to enter my first deload week.
I’m planning to do the 3 x 65%, 3 x 75%, 3 x 85% deload with 5/3/1 lifts since I lifting heavy.
But I need to know, What should I do with the assistance work?
Is it wise to do 3 sets instead of 5?
I was hoping to add some abs work since I haven’t do anything in this 6 weeks (but light work).

Thanks a lot for reading everything lol.


If what you’re asking is “what should I do on the deload” - either do what you’ve suggested or knock it back further.

Examine the meaning of the word “DE-LOAD” - the load should be less than normal to aid in recovery. Since you are tinkering with the program anyway, then skip it if you don’t feel like you need to back off. I did deloads religiously until I learned how to listen to my body. Now I look ahead in my schedule and if I’ve got a busy week or I’m traveling, I plan a deload and try and peak before it.

If you try something for a deload and it didn’t work, ask THAT question, it’s easier to answer. But if you are asking “How should I deload”, you need to think about it more. Or if you are overthinking, try something.

And yes do abs all the time. More ab work doesn’t hurt.


thanks a lot Rucksalot. I was asking because of the total volume but I figured out that doing about 60% was ok. I “peaked” last week so it was good to have a deload week. I’m sure I’ll came back stronger next week.