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Some REALLY Beautiful Ladies!!




I call third from the right...


This was at my son's '2 for 7' banquet, two more years of college in exchange for a USNA degree and a commission for 5 years after graduation.

These women are real players, which I find far more attractive than porn stars or other such 'hot' women.


Dibs on the big eared soldier in the middle and her ebony compagnon-in-arms.

Why is this not in the Sex Forum? And what is 2 for 7?
It sounds rather SAMA...


Cool costumes.

Anybody else want some ice cream?


The 'Dress Whites' suck! Imagine trying to keep that uniform clean at a big dinner like that! They are all much happier (well, my son sure is) when they switch to 'Blues'.


I call third and fourth from left.


UUUUUUUUUUhhhhhhhhhh......... Yeah. ok.


Is your daughter among them and is this your way of raising her confidence?

Still not sure why this is not SAMA and what the fuck is 2 for 7.


My money is on one of this gay fraternity initiation stuff.

We are talking about the Navy here after all.


Probably the one in the middle suffering male pattern baldness.


My son is in the crowd of 1200 midshipmen.

2 for 7 means you finish two more years at USNA and then owe 5 years an a commissioned officer in the Navy or Marines. My son wants to do USMC ground combat but is gifted in mathematics. The Navy will either put him on a Boomer or into Cryptanalsis.


That young lady deserves your respect. You, however, deserve none.

Somebody in Houston forgot to flush a toilet, the contents crawled out and found a computer with an open T-Nation account.


Dibs on the gal in the middle with the huge fun bags. She looks alot like the stripper who ran wild at my bachelor party. What a tomcat.......whhhhheeeeew....


worthy of Sama


yup would motorboat the shit out of that bitch