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Some Rap Songs with Skill


Im looking for the talent here. I need some new songs to listen to.


Try Rhymefest, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, pretty much anything by Biggie, etc. Genius, talent, & flow ceoms & goes every generation -

btw it would help if you mean new as in "Wow, I've never heard that before" or the "new" crap that is currently out right now lol

I'm always finding new music searching through the old music threads on here myself


Jedi mind tricks, immortal technique, and apathy all have amazing lyrics. It's also very different from mainstream crap rap you hear on the radio.

Edit: Talib Kweli, Damian Marley, and Wyclef Jean, too have great lyrics.

Have you heard of Pandora radio? It's amazing. Check it out.


Throw Sage Francis in with the names rrjc tossed out.


There is a kid by the name of Asher Roth who has just been signed by Jay-Z. He basically plays to the persona of a geeky white college kid who has a secret talent for hip-hop. He is the most unlikely rapper of all time, but has decent skills and his shit is a fun listen:



I need your favorite songs by these. I don't want to choose the wrong ones to download. It doesn't have to be underground or mainstream stuff, just good songs with good lyrics/beats/verses. Songs about smoking weed and killing people are cool too.


Cunninlynguists, and I'd also second Jedi Mind and Apathy.

Also, check out www.undergroundhiphop.com, they have some great online radio stations.


Soul Position - Mic Check
RJD2 - 5 Left in the Clip
Aesop Rock - Boombox, or None Shall Pass (really anything this guy does)
Jedi Mind Tricks - Heavy Metal Kings
Blackalicious - Chemical Calisthenics
Lyrics Born - Pack Up

there are so many hip hop DJ tracks to even mention, but some artists to check out would be: DJ Z-Trip, DJ Shadow, DJ Nu-Mark, Cut Chemist, and RJD2

i wish i was at home so that I had full access to my music library. i have a lot of good hip hop / turntables stuff.


woo Cunninglynguist...the Def Jux Crew rocks the party.


immortal techniques dance with the devil, bin laden , watch out...rakims where do you go when you die, this is that shit , the mystery who is god, shit the list could go on geto boys my minds playin tricks...just a few i could think of with out layin down a list a mile long


dunno if they qualify... but i'll never get tired of this song:
The Coup-Pimps (freestylin' at the Fortune 500)

Can't go wrong with Immortal Technique (Point of No Return), Jedi Mind Tricks, Dilated Peoples, Blackstar, Gangstarr, and Dead Prez.


Ugh. Backpacker bullshit.


hahaha well i'm listenin to l.a.x., 7 day theory, and raw footage right now... not exactly backpacker... forgot to mention redman, most of his shit is pretty sick.


Blueprint - "Check Mate"
Pete Rock - "Tru Master"
CunninLynguists - "Beautiful Girl"
Blu & Exile - "In Remembrance of Me"
Cyne - "Pretty Black Future"
MURS - "Walk Like a Man"
Pharoahe Monch - "Bar Tap"
Nas - "Fried Chicken"
Buckshot - "The Ghetto"
Danny! - "Misery"
Jean Grae - "Jeanius"
Kaze - "50/50 Amp"
Shapeshifters - "Sledgehammer"
Skyzoo - "Way to Go"


Second that. Also, forgot to mention Non Phixion in my first post. Masta Ace is also good, and I'm partial to Apani as well, though her racks seem to be the most difficult to download, or at least I can't find them.

Like iamthewolf (jedi mind reference or does that get mentioned elsewhere as well?), I could go on and on about this topic. While I'm at it, I think Fort Minor and the Jay-Z / Linkin Park crossovers deserve a mention. I'm especially partial to Remember the Name and Lying from you / Dirt off my shoulders.


Mr. Lif

Aesop rock is pretty awesome too
the Roots
Dr. Octagon


I think he was talking about dead prez. They got skills.


Some great artists have already been listed. Here are a few more:


Tech N9ne:

Mickey Avalon:


Obviously Immortal Technique is a good lyricist, Gang Starr, Aesop Rock (old,) People Under the Stairs, Murs (NOT HIS NEW CD!), and Geto Boyz.


Mistah Fab/MGMT - Communication

this track dope.