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Some Questions

hi guys, I’m scott. I’m a hardcore lifter. I just love it. Anyways I have a few questions for my girlfriend. I’m not sure of her exact weight but I’d say its around 180. She is I think about 5’10. Shes not what you would call fat, she has a great body, but she has alot of stress in her life right now and shes packed on quite a mid section, and some thighs too. She wants to start working out with me to lose the fat.

My question is do any of you know a good starting workout for fat loss for a woman. I would put her on one of Waterbury’s programs but I think it might be too intense to start off with and I’m not sure I like the idea of her doing squats and deadlifts and other lifts like that.

Anything would help. I do realise that I have to get her to eat healthier and I’m getting her to do that now. At the moment we are looking to get her gym membership so she can start doing cardio, but she wants to lift too, so again any advice is very welcome.


lots of good articles of how women should train in comparsion to men. thats all i got, goodluck with the training.

If she’s stressed out I’d definitely help her find a destressing workout. Biking, hiking and skating does it for me and they’re all great for losing fat. If she can destress, weight loss will be much easier.

And if she isn’t that into lifting, doing girly dumbell variations of “manly” exercises would be fine for her. Plie squats, one armed rows, bulgarian squats, overhead press… you get the idea.