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Some Questions?

I’m 17 yrs old, basketball athlete. 6’3" 175 lbs. Don’t know if there is many basketball players in here but if there is, what do some of you guys advise as to my kind of workouts and weight gaining? I am a junior and a starter of a AAAA New Mexican varsity squad. It took a lot of work to get here but if I want to do anything special in the state I need to get big. Maybe add 10-15 lbs. I have gained maybe 10 over the summer lifting and working out. Still need about 10-15 more to lighten my load and be a respectable center. Now we are in season, my workout is Monday practice all out, Tuesday get in the weight room lift for an hour and half ( I do upper body Bench 3X10 160lbs. Incline bench 3X15 dumbells 45’s bicep tricep curls on the machine)
Wednesday practice all out, Thursday hit legs ( Squat 3X7 200 lbs. Power clean 3X5 160lbs. leg extension and curls on machine ) Friday we just condition.

I am not new to lifting but have never looked into a workout plan for myself. I have just always done what the coach wanted of me. So here I am, what do you guys think? Is my goal reasonable? Thanks

I say the best you can expect to do is maintian weight during the season. Its not a good time to go into a program top add strenth and mass. Your energy needs to go to games and practice. using what you have now to the best of yourt ability and doing what you can to preserve mass and strenght. I wouls say when you do hit the weights go Heavy and lower reps. Then just do a ton of sport specific work (practice the game)

Once in the off season then aim to add that mass etc.

Thats my take anyway.

If you have any further questions etc Fire away and come off season feel free to come on bacj for some recomendations then.

Hope that helps,

yea thats what i expected to hear, sounds like I’m gonnna have to hit it hard this summer then. thanks for the info phil, will do

we got this amazing player on our team that’s gonna go play for lamar jc baseball and hes got a 35" vert! mines a 28 right now as a junior, i ask him “how do you get up so high”? he says just power cleans and squats, he didnt give me any extra info, if i want to improve my jump by say…4 or 5 inches, what else would you guys throw in there?

Ditto what Phil said–just try to maintain what you’ve gained, you can still probably get in the weight room twice a week, i would focus on full body days, and use the major lifts like squats deads, benches, miltary press, bench, cleans, etc. just make sure youre recovering–i used to play ball (high school, 1 year college. all the practice and stuff is def. gonna wear you out.but you can still get some days in(weights). good luck and check back when the seasons’ done.