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Some Questions on the Full Body Template

Hey everyone. As the title says I have a couple questions on the full body template. I am looking to train 3 days a week and I like the idea of a full body template at this current time. I plan on using the 5’s progression with this full body template and possibly running joker sets as I feel good. I have a slight knee issue currently. My primary care says it is arthritis while I feel it might be something more so I have been going light on squats. I am coming off an RPE based training program and my lifts are fairly low so I plan on using the 5’s progression to help drive my lifts back up. So to the questions;

1.On the full body template the squats are all three days at the same weight all week. Would it be recommended to skip a day or do a variation on say the second day of the week to give my knee a break as needed?

2.Day 1 has dumbbell bench press but I currently only have one adjustable dumbbell handle so would a bench variant be best to sub in here?

  1. On this template I assume there is no accessory work as it appears programmed in the workout already?

4.Last question would you advise using bands/ sling shot and other overload devices on the joker sets?

Sorry if this was long. Just wanted to clarify before starting the program. Thanks everyone.

Rather than tweaking this program, I would suggest using a different program or template if you feel your knees may not be up for this one. That said, I think it may be fine to use a Zercher or Front squat on one of the days if you really want to run this one.

Weighted dips!

I don’t have the book in front of me, but if there is no specific assistance or rep ranges for assistance categories I would agree.

I would avoid jokers, and Jim does not recommend them any longer.