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Some Questions About Workouts


What exercises would make my boobs bigger and my butt smaller?


Bench Press i would assume for breast? Since you would be increasing the size of pec's which would make the boobs stick go out further, at least i think.

And for butt Decreasing your overall BF will make it smaller unless you are already at a low BF then your just stuck with all that junk in your trunk.


A hike to a plastic surgeons office.


silicon and treadmill



People sometimes you need to click on "Find all posts" before you take people seriously.

Newsflash: this is a troll, not a very good one, who is now taken her garbage from SAMA, where it should stay, to Bodybuilding.

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The answer to both is public blowjobs.


Do Lightweight benching, squat, lunges, glute-ham raises and butt-ups with cardio either before or after.


There is nothing wrong with some junk in the trunk!




awesome, thanks for your input
I shall start those right away
I went from a size 6 to a size 10 in my butt because of birth control, I need to exersize
thanks again


A young gal at my work wanted to slim down her butt and I told her to do walking lunges 3 times a week with dumbbells in each hand. 2 weeks later I asked her how she was doing and she informed me that her pants were fitting better. Success! Lunges do the trick!

As for breast enlargement... um... do you mean breasts or pecs?
Pecs - bench
Breasts - implants


lol, well both pecs and breasts, will exersizing my pecs make my breasts bigger and perkier?


I wouldn't imagine it would be that noticeable. Breast tissue will be on top of the pec muscle. Exercising the pec wouldn't make breast tissue perkier, but it may make the overall breast stick out further.

Also - you can start flexing your pecs and wiggling your boobs. I met a girl who could do that once... interesting to say the least.


lol, no kidding,
thanks for the tip ^_^