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Some Questions about the Full Body Template


So I’ve been running 531 for a few cycles now, starting with the most basic then trying out different templates to see what works best for me. I’m interested in running the full body template with powe cleans and my questions are:

  1. on the two days where I’m supposed to just use the deload percentages for squat, can I sub out for front squats? I never really train it and it’s way weaker then my back squat so I figured spending time on it would have good carryover to helping my squat. And if so, how would you program it? 531 scheme with just the prescribed reps? 5s pro? Just use it for a supplemental/assistance lift?

And 2) I was reading about leader/anchor and it was very interesting to me, but I can’t seem to find a whole bunch of info on it. I’m guessing it’ll be coming out in the new book. Can leader/anchor be run on a full body template?

  1. Yes you can do this. What you do with the front squat is determined by what you are doing in other lifts. So if you share that then I can help. But you can’t tell someone what to do unless you see how it relates to everything else.

  2. Yes.


Wow, wasn’t expecting help from the big man himself.

Well the plan is the 3 day full body template with power cleans

Agile 8
Dynamic work: 10 jumps
Cleans: as described in beyond 531(the first power clean template)
Squat: 5s pro, FSL 3x8
DB bench (may try DB military press since I’ve been focusing on increasing over head pressing, as it’s another weak area of mine)
Curls 50 reps

Agile 8
10 jumps
Front squat(531 with no PR set/5s pro?)
Press 5s pro FSL
Chins 50 reps

Agile 8
10 throws
Front squat
Deadlift 5s pro
Bench 5s pro FSL
100 shrugs

Man walks twice a week and either quick sprints or loaded carries work on Saturday.and superset lower body main lifts with abs and upper body with face pulls, pull aparts

Anchor: same set up but dynamic will go from 10 to 20, and main 4 lifts will go to PR sets and jokers, maybe choose a different rep variation for the cleans

PS Insert obligatory fan boy rabble about how awesome you are for the free forum feedback here


Also, are there any topics/articles on your own website that talk about leader and anchor that I can read over until the new book drops?


Jims forum describes the leader anchor idea to great extent.




Power Clean -5x5 @ FSL or SSL (you choose, you can also do both and shoot for 25 total reps, reps NO MORE than 5/set)
Squat - 5x3 @ 5x5/3/1 - Supersetted with Dips or Chins
Press - 10x5 @ FSL - supersetted with DB SLDL


Power Clean - 3x5/3/1
Squat - 10x5 @ FSL supersetted with Dips or chins
Press - 5x5/3/1 supersetted with DB Rows


Power Clean - SSL x 25 total reps (3-5 reps/set)
Squat - 5x5 @ SSL supersetted with Dips OR chins
Press - 5x10 @ FSL supersetted with DB Rows

Easy conditioning or VERY short “hard” conditioning IF you can properly program it. If not, don’t bother.
Too many idiots doing burpees or other nonsense totally ignoring the fact they have to use their brain every so often.

Jumps x 10/day

This is a very quick write up - all of our FB stuff I do with athletes/regular people has progressed to the Krypteia format but this still works. BTW - Krypteia has zero PC/ olympic movements so this is your best bet.

That should get you started. The problem with your template above is you are trying to do too much on each day. Pair it down, excise ALL cancer/BS from your training and watch what happens.


@Jim_Wendler thank you very much for the program. Can you please clarify what you mean when you write 5x3 @ 5x5/3/1 and 3x5/3/1? I’m not really tracking


I’m not Jim, but I’m quite sure that 5x3 @ 5x5/3/1 means 5 sets of 3 reps at the top percentage of the day. Example of 3rd week:


So when he writes 3x5/3/1 he means 3 of the top set for the week? So on 3’s week I’d so 3 sets of 3 at %90? And 5s week it’d be 3 sets of 5 at 85%?


Yes, that is exactly what I think he means by that.


Well that explains why I’m so run down today. PR sets of cleans and presses then 10 sets of squats really fucked me up lol