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Some Questions About Stuck Lifts



I'm a beginner lifter who has been training olympic lifting for approximately 2 months. I don't have a lot of weight lifting experience aside from 6 months of Starting Strength before I started training the classical lifts.

Right now all of my lifts (beside the 2 competition lifts) are practically stuck. I'm talking about squat, press, bench, deadlift, etc. My primary concern is the squat and the press (actually I only do those two among the others I've said). Should I do a nonlinear periodization programming if I'd like to progress? And what if I'm only be able to increase the weight by 10kg minimum (there's only two 2.5kg plates in the whole gym and usually I'm too lazy to look for them), is there any hope for my 50kg press and 100kg back squat (BW: 67kg) to progress?

Thank you for your time Glenn and it's good to have you here :slightly_smiling:


Not to be a douche.. but questions like this are plastered across the website. Search a little.. glenn pendlay is an amazing resource and I don't think we want to waste his time. Thats me assuming here :stuck_out_tongue: maybe he'd be happy to answer this question.

Congratulations on the forum btw :smiley: I'm looking forward to it


Yeah I think my questions are pretty basic. Actually none of the guys in my gym (weightlifters and powerlifters) think too much - just keep adding the weight and their lifts go up. Maybe I should stop worrying and start eating more.


IF, IF just eating more and having your lifts go up is a realistic posssbility then that is probably the best solution. If that is not a possibiity, then we can talk some more and I can get some more details about what is going on with you.



Get some ankle weights OR fractional plates to add to the bar.


Unfortunately I'm kinda lazy to bring the plates myself. If only I knew where they keep those micro plates....

BTW it's interesting that this day the raise often happen unexpectedly for me, some day I just feel good and the weight goes up. I wish they were more predictable (and more often!), fortunately though the olympic lifts are still steadily rising.

Oh yeah, I'm in the process of increasing my BW.


Whenever stuck, change. For example front squats or Zercher squats instead of back squat. For pressing, a different pressing movement.


LOL Do they hide the little plates from you?!

You could also use an extra pair of collars to the bar.....my OLY collars weight 2.5kgs each + my collars I use for dbs weight about 0.25kgs each


What do you think about the "specificity" principle?

Nah I'm just a new guy at the gym and actually kinda hesitant to get the plates by myself. The collars are also kept somewhere secure with the micro plates, to prevent them missing I think. There are still 2.5kg plates (only two pieces in the whole gym) so I can use those.


That would piss me off no end.....makes me glad I don't train in a gym.


That you don't have to be extremely specific. It's the conjugate method.


Interesting, thanks.

In this thread I'm not talking about improving the olympic lifts but I wonder what people think about using this system (conjugate method) for O-lifting. I only know that for some, specificity is the name of the game promoted by the Bulgarians.