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Some questions about my 3th cycle


Hi guys,

I just entered the last 4 weeks of a 12 week bulk cycle:

week 1-12: 750mg Test E (twice a week 375)
week 1-5: dbol (30-40-40-60-60mg ED)
week 1-12: 0,5mg Adex EOD
2 weeks after last inject: Nolva PCT for 4 weeks (40/20/20/20)


1) due to a misunderstanding I received almost 300 dbol 10mg tablets. That means I have a lot left now. Is it a good idea to start a second period of dbol going from let say week 10-14 (end day before start of Nolva PCT)? That's about 4 weeks between the previous dbol cycle. I take live assist products, drink plenty of water and zero alcohol.

2) I have 5000iu of HCG. I was thinking about using it at the end of my cycle (last week) at 500iu EOD and take the last shot about 5-6 days before my PCT. I didn't have enough to take it during my cycle because in my country it's hard to get.



  1. yes.

  2. use 200-250 iu 2-3 times per week.


Thx Bonez

Ok, i'll try to get some extra solution, because it's only 1ml solution for the 5000iu, that makes it hard to get 250iu in insuline needles. Do I take it untill the last day before the PCT or i'm I correct when I want to stop HCG about 5-6 days before PCT.