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Some Questions About "Inappropriate" Content


genetically privileged

Clearly on roids.

I know a guy training for 20 years who doesnt look like this. Clearly the natural population cant achieve this so what’s the point.


Damn nihilist weightlifters.


Fucking wild.


That was me and I stand by it 100‰.


How was your clavicle lengthening procedure chubbybaby?


What about eyedentist tho?



Ed has a hell of a physique too.


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That bottom one is photoshop dude. Hes wearing the same shorts, necklace, same haircut and has the same lighting on what is presumably the same beach, with no scars or fresh cuts.

I’m going to reach to Pluto and assume you’re not trolling…

Why does it matter? Why not be the absolute best you can be without fucking surgery dude? Gear is one thing, you’re amplifying pre existing ability. But this “clavical lengthening” while not only clearly being ridiculous, is no different than fucking synthol. Fake appearance. For what? The .0001% of your desired sexual preference maybe finding it remotely more attractive? That’s not even mentioning how much that would wreck whatever poundage you’re capable of. If my skeletal structure spread an inch, I’d be in physical therapy inside a week.

I’ll stop taking it seriously now, but come on man.


But wouldn’t you still have a bad taper if your hips are wide? Have you considered hips shortening as well? That way you can have a sick taper like Jeff Seid or me brah


You are, if nothing else, eloquent AF.


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I’m willing to bet you don’t know there’s a simple thing to do, in order to accomplish that.


You will never achieve that stunning aesthetic look while you are fat with no muscle either. And you will fix neither of those things with clavicle lengthening surgery or trolling.

BTW OP, you dont have narrow shoulders. They just look narrow because you are carrying a tyre around your waist. If you lost fat and built muscle you would have a very similar shape to the guys you just posted.

What’s your excuse now?


To paraphrase Junior Soprano “and I want to give Halle Berry the best ten seconds of her life, lets see who gets lucky first”.

Just be happy with what you’ve got and make the best of it man.


I think the banning was a favour to you. This is a place where people seek information and support for reaching their physical goals.

You are not seeking information, you have no desire to chase any physical goals.

You are only going to create conflict here, as you’ve seen. I mean, if that’s your goal then more power to you but if you want to do something more productive then you should find a place where you can discuss your particular hang up in the way you like.


Chris Colucci for the win, ladies and germs


The $1,000,000 dollar question. Both of those dude look perfectly fine in their “before” pic.


Omg you could have made your point with a detailed description! Why did you have to post those disgusting pics of someone with such a hideous looking body???

Someone who looks like that should stop everything he’s doing and become a comic book villian!


Way off topic, but I saw someone use the spelling “tyre” and the term “mate” used. Are most members here in the UK or Australia?