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Some Questions About "Inappropriate" Content


How do i message a mod? My Account was on hold and some Posts of me were removed because of some “inappropriate” Content

But ironically the People who flagged my Posts where the insulting ones

They provoced me with some silly stuff

Ive did not flagged them since ive didnt took them for serious.

They did it all because ive created a post on where ive asked how is it possible that guys like zyzz and david laid managed to get such a wide shoulder girdle Frame

And the first comments where like that “Fuck off”, “to get a wide Frame you Need to take 100000 Mg of get the fuck out of here” etc.

Why does my thread gets removed instead of These silly stupid comments?

Do the Mods and Admins actually even fully read the threads who are getting flagged as inappropriate?

Or do they just instantly delete everything which gets flagged as inappropriate, no matter if the thread really contains inappropriate Content or not?

According to that logic every 11 year old kid can join this Forum and delete dozen of normal constructive threads by flagging them as inappropriate

What is inappropriate by simply asking how do all These Fitness models with their Transformations can grow such wide shoulder Frames?



My name Lionel Hutz, I am a "lawyer. I am interested in your plight and seeing that the people behind this great injustice are appropriately delt with.

Here is my profile photo.


I trust this is enough for you use my services. DM me for next steps.



Reported for spam/advertisement


You misunderstand.

Your posts weren’t flagged because of offensive language, they were flagged because you posted topless photos of yourself and, based on the width of your clavicles, you are clearly a tall woman.

Hence inappropriate nudity and violation of forum rules.


Real men don’t cry. You think Clint Eastwood would start a thread whining to the mods about something like this?

Have some dignity.


Hey dont be upset pinky, someday you will be also a beautfiul women just like me

I know you have Trouble growing your breasts, but hey, your penis is already small enough, if that is not a plus Point!


2019, the year where logical conclusions are seen as whining


You’re not really the poster boy for logical conclusions, mate.


Nobody owes you an explanation or needs to follow your logical conclusions. Stop shitposting and being a pest and you won’t be banned. It’s pretty simple.


Suicide by words.

The body of a tall woman

The mind of a pissed off 13 year old boy.


2019, the year some fat guy with shitty shoulder width cried when he didn’t like how a forum treated him


Of Course the mods and admins do owe me a Explanation for that since it’s their Job to Keep Things stable and Prevent a chaos of spam and nonsense, but in my case their work was just illogical

The first one who was shitposting on this thread here was you, did you forget that?


Pretty sure they don’t.

Do you even support the site through supplement purchases?


How about I just answer your question then, they get that wide by lifting weights, give it a shot, maybe you’ll end up looking like a fitness model. Glad I could help, bye bye now. You need spell check too, it’s provoked, we provoked you into weeping about nothing.


Sigh. People like the OP make me feel guilty everytime I admire my delts in the mirror.

Poor guy. I’m so glad I wasn"t born with horribly narrow clavicles. Damn I look good.


2019, the year some fat guy with shitty shoulder width unironically said he’d rather be some fat guy with narrow shoulders than a ripped guy with narrow shoulders, because narrow shoulders are a death sentence.




I literally thought we got rid of you already. I’ll check on that in a bit.

Nope and nope.

What actually happened was that you created a half-dozen threads over the course of three weeks (plus a few others that were deleted before being posted) all crying about guys using gear and throwing around nonsense terms like “genetically privileged” while also constantly complaining about your own physique and lack of progress for various reasons - some possibly valid, most of them self-imposed.

But, quick reminder: In the very first thread you created on this site… the first reply was someone thinking you’re a troll and quoting his reason why (“clavicle lengthening” is a buzzword, but the guy literally apologized and explained his reasoning a few posts later).

In that same thread, the second and third replies you ever received on this site were thorough, pretty detailed, and contained enough information to get you well on track towards your goal if you had applied them. Instead, you came back with uber-lame excuses like wanting to quit training if you were so poorly destined to be stuck looking like Mr. Olympia Larry Scott.

Suffice it to say, things went downhill from there and, in thread after thread, you met any legitimate replies with excuses which perpetuated the cycle of being called a troll.

I owe you dickall explanation.

Nothing in your post history leads people to believe you actually plan on implementing any advice you receive. In the last 3 months… have you?

Everything in your post history leads people to believe, at best, you’re eager to pick up any excuse that validates your lack of progress or, at worst, you’re just another flash-in-the-pan troll making up for a lonely offline life by creating an embarrassing online persona in order to rile a few people up.


I don’t want to bump an old trolling thread, but here’s a guy with hypogonadism: (at a tested competition)


Dude looks better than 99.9% of the population.