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Some Questions about HGH

Hi there. After doing research into HGH, there are only a few questions I have. Would appreciate if anyone could help:

  1. How long does exogenous GH suppress natty GH production, and to what degree does it suppress production? Have heard some state it suppresses for 5 hours, some state 10, some say 20+. This would affect injection timings.

  2. About insulin resistance/diabetes, I have heard IM injections can prevent this. How about EoD or 5 on/2 off protocols? And if I’m doing EoD (for example) can I adjust my dose without causing “weird” effects seen with high dose use such as noses and chins growing… So pinning 6 iu EoD instead of 3 iu ED. Also how about taking breaks from GH? How often and for how long would you recommend taking a break from GH.

  3. What are the odds of low dose HGH causing acromegaly? Some people swear blind they were only using 3 iu and noticed their elbows growing or noses getting bigger or wrists getting bigger. Some growth would be cool e.g. bigger wrists, but it’s worrying since there’s no control over what grows. I wouldn’t want to become a horseface.

I am mainly interested in HGH for maintaining my youthful looks as I age, staying leaner easier, and holding onto steroid gains better/better PCT. I want to stay on long-term for the aging reasons.

Thanks so much!

If you have the cash run it ed at around 2iu and you.could have times where take like 6-8iu and have some great growth from it. The suppression doesn’t really matter for gh, since it’s a amino acid based hormone. If it’s in your blood your body won’t pulse it, if its.gone your body will pulse it. Same goes for insulin more or less.

Well I was put off of ED dosing because of insulin resistance. I heard conflicting reports that 5/2 protocols or 4/3 protocols can prevent this. I won’t be using insulin with the GH.

I got a couple of Genotropin pens. Sadly, I believe they are fake. Would you advise pinning these? Also is there any way I can draw the liquid out using a normal slin pin? I probably won’t be buying Genotropin pens again considering the fakes, so getting a whole box of B-D pen needles seems like a waste.