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Some Questions About Dieting


Hey all I'm starting this diet on Monday (tomorrow)anyway I'm planning all the diet phases now but when i reach them i will plan them: right now I've sort of worked out my Start Up phase diet:

3 Eggs, Sausage, 2 Strips of Bacon, Milk, Slice of Cheddar cheese. All fried in butter

Next Meal:
Steak (200g) Olive Oil fried, Slice of cheese and Nuts.

Next Meal: Repeated
Next Meal:
Steak (200g) Olive Oil fried, Slice of cheese and Nuts.

Next Meal:
Kransky Fried, Nuts, Onions,

Pre Post workout shake: This is annoying because my whey contains carbs and this will probably put me over the 30g

An basically continue going like this but I dunno what to do cos i entered all this into fit day and got approx this:

grams   	cals  	%total

Total: 3682
Fat: 240 2160 60%
Sat: 90 806 22%
Poly: 24 219 6%
Mono: 100 901 25%
Carbs: 10 41 1%
Fiber: 0 0 0%
Protein: 346 1383 39%
Alcohol: 0 0 0%

Now this is very rough but what do you think I should do to increase fat and lower protein?

Also depending what phase i'm in I will be gaining muscle AND loosing body fat, On cutting phase I do cardio correct?


Jesus did you even read the book?


Milk? do you have some kind of low carb milk? that will definately screw you if it's not.

Buy some new Whey (Metabolic Drive!)

Split your meals throughout the day and leave some room there for snacks in case you get hungry (this diet is supposed to be fun, not starvation).

Lower your saturated fats and up your polyunsaturates. 24g vs 90g is not acceptable. Make sure your olive oil is Extra Virgin.

As the poster above me said, read the book and watch some interviews with the doc so you have more information.


btw get some GD veggies and salads in there.