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Some Pointers for a Newbie



I have spent numerous amounts of time reading through forums trying to figure things out and have to say i have found a lot of info but I also see opposing views all the time.

A little history. I have suffered from anxiety/mild depression for some time. I never had much of a reason, just seems very physical vs psychological-if that makes any sense, sure i suffer from obsessive thoughts, but all I can say is that for some reason I feel there might be a physiological reason. So upon some research i came across Low-T being a possible reason so I convinced mu GP to order a blood test by being open to other avenues and now take buspar to deal with anxiety as kind if a trade off (as she didnt believe Low T was the issue)

Upon research i also felt i showed symptoms of low T, energy level low, mind fog, and poor erections (can get them but seem hard to maintain and can go away quickly) low labido (this ones hard to nail down as i WANT to have sex, but don't feel physically charged to do so. Anyways im 39. I dint feel like my old self and havent for awhile.

My labs came back as

T4, FREE........1.5 (.8-1.8 ng/dl)

TESTOSTERONE, total..1070
(250-1100 ng/dl)

Free testosterone...84.5 (35-155 pg/ml)

Despite the numbers seemingly pointing to no T problems, i can't shake this feeling. So i researched more and read a lot about E2. Most the info on it (low/high E2) revolves around those on T therapy which I am not on. Despite that, I thought to myself "maybe my E2 is high and thats the issue" so i ordered some DIM thinking if i lowered my E2, my symptoms would improve. Of course symptoms of high E2 mimic symptoms of low E2. Ive taken the DIM FOR 2.5 days but have decided to stop the DIM as at this point i do not know what my issue is.

Can someone with normal T levels and normal free T have issues with e2 being low or high, or does one need to be on T therapy for e2 to be a problem?

I have no health insurance and i know that more labs should be done but wanted some insights as to what labs to have done before i spend more money in them, and also if there is really a point since my T seems to be normal. Thanks for any help from you guys.


Not much here to work with. Your high TT and middle range FT suggests higher SHBG and E2.

We need more lab data. I assume that you have not read the stickies. Start with 'advice for new guys'.

As T levels do not fully explain your issues. I would focus on thyroid as problems there can create the same symptoms that you have. Read the thyroid basics sticky and check your iodine intake and body temperatures as per the sticky. Your body temperature is the bottom line. Your fT4 is good. If temps are low, then fT4-->fT3 conversion may be weak and low ferritin can be a factor for that. And if fT3 is at a good level, that can be blocked by elevated rT3. rT3 can be elevated by stress of starvation diets, accidents, stress, infections etc.

LH/FSH labs will indicate if there is a problem with your testes or hypothalamus/pituitary.

Liver function can affect E2, SHBG levels. And deficient removal of T+SHBG can cause TT levels to be exaggerated. You need ALT/AST lab work.

You can get a male panel at LEF.com

Libido is a measure of health and vitality. Testosterone is necessary but not sufficient. You need to see your T issues as a symptom and try to find why your hormone levels are odd. And some will have some mood issues even if everything else is optimal.

Note that some Rx drugs can affect liver function and thus hormones. And drugs may directly affect libido and sexual function.