Some people's mentality

Just because someone can/has done something you can’t/won’t do doesn’t automatically make them a drug user. Often it’s the opposite & the person has been training extremely hard for years to become that big & strong. Just because you can’t squat 1200lbs to parallel or officially in a contest put 370lbs overhead with one arm or gain a pound every day, or lift a 900lb railroad rail to your shoulder doesn’t mean that it’s impossible or that whoever did it was on something. Gimme a friggin break. Why won’t you people believe in something bigger than yourself. (not trying to name names or single people out but the doubters whoever they are got me thinking)

Drax – Did I miss something? What’s got you so riled?

I thought this would get put on the training side. I put up a thing about someone gaining 100lbs in a year doing breathing squats & nobody believed me. They said that wasn’t possible even with drugs & I was thinking that’s a rotten attitude to have. It’s almost like giving up.

Drax, Just consider the source and carry on.

Its cool dude I know what you mean. I started training a year ago and it was stictly for losing weight and I was doing a sheep diet too, you know the one about high carbs no fat and who knows what protein is. Anyway, I lost about 40 pounds and then in june of last summer started going heavy. A year ago i was 190 about 20%bf now i am 190 about 8.6%bf. To top it all off I was a smoker the whole time and just recently quit.

Drax, just for your information, everyone who has officially squatted over 1000 pounds in a powerlifting competition used some sort of steroid to get at that level. On the other hand though there are those on some sort of drugs that don’t look it and don’t put up the numbers either.

See that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Arthur Saxon bent pressed a bar in a contest that was weighed afterwards & came out to 370lbs, & Louis Cyr shouldered that 900lb rail. The weight of that could be found out just by knowing its length. Both those lifts were done more than 50 years before they could have been on drugs, so they were obviously clean. Paul Anderson squatted 1206 unofficialy in with one of those silver dollar setups. If those lifts are possible while clean, what would stop someone from squatting only 400 or 500 (big weights but possible)? Their attitude towards it. If they don’t think it’s possible without drugs or something else, they’ve already given up.

So far though Drax, squatting 1000+ is impossible for those not on steroids as shown by the lack of “clean” people accomplishing it, so that is self-defeating. Mark Henry did squat a 947.75 in 95 in the unlimited class. It was in USA Powerlifting as well which is a drug tested federation. Off the top of my head though I think that is the highest squat posted in a drug tested federation (someone correct me if I’m wrong here.) There is a quote by Fred Hatfield that really goes with your argument though and I may screw this up a little. “If I said I was on steroids everyone would call me a cheater. If I said I wasn’t on steroids everyone would call me a liar.” For the record though, I really do agree with you to a point that the old “He has to be juicing” is used too often. BUT it only goes to an extent, when someone is putting up huge huge numbers or someone looks like a Mr. Olympia, it is a product of hardwork including training, dieting, etc. But also a product of a chemistry set. If not, and you’re a powerlifter or bodybuilder, go compete in a drug tested federation and prove us all wrong.

At 5’9 & ~360-380, Paul Anderson, once he went pro, was bigger than every powerlifter today except Garry Frank. Since Bud Jefferies is doing 1000lbs starting in the bottom position, clean, with only a belt, & not even 30 yrs old yet, 1200 is believable in the conventional style. It doesn’t matter though, Bud will break that record sooner or later & get drug tested & show everyone what can be done naturally.

I hear ya Drax. I grew up a chubby but naturally very strong kid. I started lifting off and on when I was 19 and by the time I was 21 I could bench 340 and squat 495 for three rock bottom reps, at 5’9, 220 lbs. These are not huge numbers, but better then the average person at that age. I am now 34 and these numbers are much higher and were achieved naturally. The funny thing is I’ve never periodized my programs to lift like a powerlifter or use any specific powerlifting programs. I’m just genetically built for lifting heavy and building strength without great difficulty. Of course over the last ten years I have been accused so many times of being "juiced "that I stopped defending myself long ago and realized it’s all about the insecurity of the guy making the accusation and had nothing to do with me. You’re right, many people simply assume that because you are bigger and stronger than they are you must be using. I don’t get it, I guess it’s just the fragile male ego. No guy wants to believe that another man has the natural ability to be bigger and stronger than they are with the same amount of effort. Hey, life ain’t fair, get over it. When I see a tall skinny guy run each mile of a marathon faster than I can run one mile total, I don’t automatically assume he’s using epo and blood doping. I accept that he’s genetically made to be a good long distance athlete and has worked hard to add to that natural talent. Interestingly enough, since I have crossed over to the dark side, a year ago, I have actually lost some strength. I decided to do a cycle to help with fat loss and physique enhancement. For the first time fat loss came relatively easy and achieving my physque goals is actually possible. I like actually having a bit of a V shape instead of the concrete cylinder build. It’s almost a relief now to admit to having used when someone accuses me of “juicing”, instead of defending myself on and on. It’s actually easier to admit now that I’ve done a cycle and have people accept my strength without question. It sure avoides a long debate as to how I could achieve these gains without using. It’s weird how the human mind works.

So what is your point Drax? Are you going on a crusade to get people off of steroids? Of course there are people who are naturally strong. Top powerlifters would still be top powerlifters even if they didn’t use drugs. I can understand people who accuse others of using steroids, but reality there are lots of people who do use steroids. BUT even with the use of drugs the person must train smart to be at the top level. I know there are millions of people with better physiques and who are stronger than I am. I won’t accuse them of using steroids either. I just don’t understand your reasoning because nothing will change.

from most important to least in a pro bodybuilder or powerlifters performance: 1.) Genetics (mainly genetic response to roids) 2.) Steroids 3.) diet 4.) training
Ok, maybe some arguement on last two you can decided. This is what I have come to believe.

ATTENTION! I don’t need to brag about poudages moves to prove I am better than anyone, but 100 lbs a year is far-fetched to say the least. Why do you feel the need that everyone has to accept your claims? If you really did accomplish this, great. Just like you guys laugh and don’t believe the BFL crowd, or the Bowflex bunch, what is the difference in people not believing your gains? Don’t you know yet that no one here believes anyone elses gains-just their own?

A very small percentage of the population have amazing genetics which either allow them to look fantastic or be incredibly strong. Or both. The rest of us have to use drugs. I just wish all these guys who say they are 5’11 and 220lbs @8% and natural would stop bullshitting.

100 lbs of muscle in a year is still BS to me.