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some people just don't understand

i go to a boarding school and i got a poster out of the february 2003 issue of flex magazine. its a poster calendar with pictures of all top 12 finishers at this years mr. O competition. basically, all the other guys on dorm are constantly bitching about my poster and how they can’t see how i can put pictures of guys in thongs on my walls. they also keep saying “how can you want to be that big? thats just nasty.” i was wondering if any of you run into this similar problem of idiots.

Used to happen all the time, true story here, I used to cut just the picts of various Body parts I admired and tape them inside my locker at work for inspiration. I took crap for it but never paid it any mind. Then one morning I’m changing into my uniform and something doesn’t look right in my locker. I take a closer look and they had taped up gay porn picts over my body building stuff. I was mad at first but tt was funny as hell later. I did find out who did it and I turned his locker upside down.

just respond to their comments with “ur girl didnt mind them when i was fuckin the snot outta her” always worked for me

I got the “why do you have that book?” and “Why would you wanna look that way?” comments quite a bit when I first started bringing “Brother Iron Sister Steel” to school to read.

No offense, but I believe 80% of this forum would agree with “all the other guys”.

Ya, I’m not sure you will find to many hard core pro bodybuilding fans on this site.

Sorry, but I wouldn’t want any of the Mr. O competitors or any current professional bodybuilders hanging up anywhere, as far as I’m concerned. I’m not interested in 'roid monkeys or seeing them in tiny bikini briefs or thongs strutting their stuff.

The only photos or posters of professional bodybuilders I wouldn’t mind seeing (in the gym) would be of Arnold, John Grimek, Tommy Kono and some of the lifters of yesteryear as they exemplify the true definition of bodybuilding: Lean, muscular, athletic, healthy physiques.

yeah same thing with me… i love big poppa pump… and everyone thinks im gay for it… i love muscles… so be it

i find the mr. O guys give bodybuilding a bad name, I mean really, when people think bodybuilding, they think bodys like that, and automatically know it’s not natural or safe, healthy. when i see a picture of a natural competetor who’s worked years (just want to re instate the fact that i know every bodybuilder, drug using or not, has worked very hard and years to obtain the look) to become as big as he is, and obtain the hardness it takes to win, that’s what i find motivating, not some huge circus show joke who’s stomach has distended past his chest, and is probably more out of shape than a fat person, they look like cartoons.


IMHO – Currently professional bodybuilders (like Mr. O) look NASTY! I sometimes wonder how they can possibly get laid because that’s how gross they are. And my jaw just drops whenever I hear that one of them is married. X_X