Some people are dorks!

I was so mad this morning!! It took all the will power I had in me to keep my mouth shut this morning!!! Wanna know why? Well, I’ll tell ya.

Today was my HIIT and abs day. So, I hopped out of bed at 7AM and went to the local high school track to do my 15 minute IBUR session. There were 4 ladies walking on the track in groups of 2 which was no big deal, I would just run in a lane that wasn’t near them. Anyways, about halfway through (I think on my 50 sec sprint)…I ran past one of the groups of women and as I passed them…one of them yelled, “run run run”. Mind you, these women were ALL overweight and walking at the slowest pace known to god and this one is mocking me??? I felt like stopping right there and saying, “look at me and look at you…you fat piece of shit!! Keep your fucking comments to yourself.” But I didn’t. I just finished my workout and went home afterwards.

Man…I was livid! Like some overweight mom whose only form of exercise is to walk around the track 3 times thinking that that is going to get rid of her 40+ pounds of fat has ANY right to make stupid, immature comments like “run run run.” Anyone else have any stories on people being absolute and utter dorks?

Better than “Run, Forrest, run!”

I probably wouldn’t have kept me mouth shut. Some people can only feel better about themselves by putting down others.

I admire your patience.

She probably thought she was encouraging you somehow.

Man, some of you guys are wound a little tight.

I really doubt that middle-aged ladies go to the track to taunt the jocks who are there to work out.

If you can ignore everyone at the gym, track, etc, you will be happier. Ignore everyone when training.

YES Jared…haha. It was better than “run Forrest run.”…;o)

True Lumpy…didnt think of it that way. Now I feel like the ass! I dont know…regardless if she was encouraging me or not, it is still annoying as heck.

It depends on how she said it. She really could have been mocking you. If so, you had no choice but to kill her.

I do agree it is stupid to yell anything at somebody who is running by.

She is a dumbass, but probably wasn’t trying to mess with you.

I would forget all about it.

Hey Tony,

I don’t have anything really good, but I do remember something really weird once when I was running.

I went to my high school track around 8:30 pm, and when I got there, there was a dad with two of his kids there (at least I assume so). They were doing all sorts of stretching. So I went and did a few warmup laps, then stretches, then did some sprinting. 40 mins later as I’m leaving, the dad is still having the kids warm up!! Must have been one helluva workout they were getting ready for.


I get that kind of stuff from guys all the time when I do sprints on the track…I’m not exactly a track athlete but I’m faster than most. I think it’s just insecurity.

Jared NFS stole my line.

how about?

“sprint forest, walk!” (HIIT)

glute - that was a good one, actually. I got a nice little laugh out of it.

Tony - go buy a set of nice headphones that don’t fall off when you are running. This way, people can talk shit about you all you want, you can’t hear them and keep your cool. It works for me in the gym, when I hear people ask what’s wrong with that guy (doing box squats or speed deads). Fuckers.

3yrs ago I was coaching an amateur boxer 19yrs old middleweight.
It was a Sunday evening and we were out running,interval sprints over a 3mile circuit.
Well we pass a group of youths aged between 17-21 and one of them a skinhead decided it would be a good idea to punch a runner.
So the skinhead runs over to my boxer throws a haymaker,which missed by a mile,and my guy retaliated with the sweetest upper cut you could wish to see.(anyone ever see Julian Jackson ko Herol Graham? it was like that).
So the skinhead hits the floor,his mates stand there doing nothing,until the boxer decided to take them all on.

One can only say it is a strange sight to see one man chasing 5 guys,and the 5 guys running for dear life!
We never had any problems after that!

I think you are wound up too tight…

Typically middle aged gals dont taunt peeps, especially ones who are in better shape and younger than them.

Maybe they thought it sounded funny to say, but i doubt it was truly malicious.

Its not even today really. It happens ALL the time…in the gym or comments on the food I eat. It’s funny AND annoying at the same time. Such is life

when they say something like that, help them out. they obviously need to run too. just tie some snickers to your ankles and hope they dont catch you.

hey beni thats too funny! i would pay to see something like that. i’ve done interval running at the park near me and have had kids sometimes grown ups making comments. but you know, its all good cause i’m the one that is making my body look sexy. while they are still wishing they were sexy while downing a 2 liter of pop and devouwering a whole bag of chips.

I don’t get it, EVERY SINGLE TIME I run on the track, someone says “run run!”

The only thing that bugs me is those women that wear headphones and walk around on the inside lane. I yell “Track!” and they can’t even hear. The Chicago lakefront path is only 100 yards away! You’d think they’d walk there if they aren’t doing intervals. But no, they have to walk around the Northwest Hospital track for some reason.

I get the same way some times Tony, but forntunately I exhibit self control most of the time and don’t leash out at people who can’t help how moronic they are, glad to see you did the same:) In retrospect I usually wind up looking back at a situation where I had contemplated errupting and realize it would have made me fall right into the general publics stereotypical persona of some roid raging no-neck d-bag, so at least for all of us meatheads lets try keep this stigma at bay.

I fast walk with a heavy pack through Waikiki. The tourists make interesting mobile obstacals.

My tormentors are the idotic mimes painted in metalic paint. Oh well a small price to pay for the pleasure…