Some PCT Questions

It’s me again… for real though you guys have helped me out a shit ton I’m very grateful.

After researching, I’m left with just a few questions on my upcoming 1st PCT:

  1. I am currently in the 2 week downtime between last pin and PCT and have extremely swollen nipples. Can I run 10-20mg of Nolva starting now going into PCT then bump it up to 40/40/20/20?

  2. I only did 3 weeks of test c 500/week then tapered to 250/week for 3 final weeks. Since the dose was lowered should I still plan on nolva 40/40/20/20 clomid 100/100/50/50?

  3. Still on adex at .5mg e3d. Should I ride that out through PCT then come off the AI?

  4. How do I avoid the dreaded estrogen rebound?

  5. Is clomiphene more ideal than clomiphene citrate?

  6. I plan on riding it out natty for a looong time after this. Any general advice on how to bounce back optimally?

take AI during cycle and post cycle if needed, pct do nolva 40-50/40-50/20-25/20-25 might even want to taper off an extra week with 10mg if u have caps that big anyway,

you can run ai with pct as well…

i personally wont run clomid with nolva… just pick one and run it… plus your cycle is low dose so its not needed to run all that pct…nipple sensivity is not always a prime suspect of gyno you could just be experiencing a sign a good potent test…if u want to test for gyno its simple, poke your nipple and see if u feel anything underneath maybe a soft lump or pea sized lump, if your nips hurt thhhattt BAD it is also a sign of high estro…so take more AI…

you will mostly keep the strength, in 3-4 months all sizes will be lost unless u train hard as balls…but very hard to keep it post PCT, this is why many people never come off cycle… doing 1 cycle u wotn keep any gains… you have to be on cycle for 6+months at-least to keep size.

  1. Start it now! No reason to bump in at “pct time” that’s really only of benefit to get blood levels up. Just run 20mg/day and end with 10mg if you have tabs or liquid.

  2. Just one or the other. Doses don’t need to be that high. 10mg/day nolvadex has shown in studies to stimulant testosterone almost the same as 40mg. The higher doses are more for estrogen blocking and being of the ‘better safe than sorry’ or ‘more is better thinking’

  3. I wouldn’t! I’d drop that dose in half and come off before pct is over.

  4. Avoid it by avoiding reading too much bro talk and read more science. There’s no estrogen rebound in the sense of how people talk about it, the ratios can get screwed up which puts the ratio of estrogen too high compared to test and dht, but no rebound.

  5. They’re the same thing. Brand vs generic.

  6. Bounce back with your pct and keep your training, diet and lifestyle above par. Many lose must their gains because: they lose the water retention; they lose the intracellular water in their muscles. And imo they stop training hard (of course you need to make adaptations, but not as much as the typical gym bro); they never built a solid base of muscle mass, training, nutrition, lifestyle before hand so of course would have no means to maintain after; or they are far past any natural limit (which is far higher than people think) which your cycle was very tame, it’s the guys running grams of gear that won’t be able to maintain; and most compounds create a look that is only maintainable while on that compound i.e. tren, eq, var, Winny, etc.