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Some of the toughest guys in the world

PBR,Professional Bull Riders circuit was in South Carolina tonight and I was in attendance. These guys are unbelievable and have to be some of the toughest around. If you want to see some guys who are blindass running drunk on Testosterone check this stuff out.

Yeah, but I tend to root for the bull…

You root bulls?

I agree with MBE, go bulls! I also think the clowns are pretty damn tough too. I do like the fact that the bulls get somewhat of a fair fight though. I guess bull riding is kind of like bear hunting with a knife. In that respect it’s a pretty tough sport.

I went to the PBR finals in Las Vegas 3 years ago. When you see those bulls up close, live and personal, you realize that the riders are not tough…they have to be crazy. The best riders all seem to be little guys, weighing about 120 pounds. I agree though that the clowns are the real tough guys. When one of the riders gets caught in the “well” and the clowns have to get him untangled, it raises the hair on your neck to see them rush in to save him.

I read an interview with a bull FIGHTER in Maxim or sum such mag a few weeks ago, Holee Freejoles! If you think bullriders are badass, you ain’t seen nuthin’ jack!

There was a special on rodeo clowns on espn last year that gave a great look into how brave these guys really are. There was one slow motion scene where a cowboy got pinned up against the wall after being thrown. The bull was about to mush him into the wall when the clown just launched himself into the bull’s face and took blow head on. Just watching that scene brought a lump to my throat. Those guys are the real deal when it comes to being t-men.

Magnus, What do you mean the bulls get a fair fight? How do you liken it to any type of hunting? None of them die that I am aware of. They get fed well and trained and made strong so that they can kick like crazy for 8 seconds every 6 months. Doesnt sound that bad to me.

Avoids the world championships were held in my city not that long ago and the winner while short seemed to be reasonably well built. Not like a bodybuilder or anything but definetly above average. But then again people tend to appear bigger after they have done something nuts.

My reference to hunting simply comes fromt the fact that since the begining of time man has tried to conquer large animals using tools to compinsate for the difference in size and strength. Over centuries, man’s tools have gotten bigger and more powerful. Bullriding is cool as it’s man attempting to conquer beast for 8 seconds with nothing but his own athletic ability.