Some Newbie Gear for Clean Mass: Tren/Sust/Tbol

I want to know if this is ok
Sustanon 600mg/week (300mg monday n wednesday) til week 10
Trenbo 300mg/week Til week 12
tbol 10mg/8 hours everyday
From week 13 to 16 post cycle teraphy with nolva
What do you guys think of this?

I like my mass dirrrty

Idk if 300mg of tren is too much, also, should I take tren A or tren E?

docent matter, tren ace would just be injected more often and quicker PCT, PCT should be longer, get some caber, or prami to run with the tren, get an AI, don’t run the tbol for that long, your signing up for organ replacement, shit will rail your liver and kidneys if run that long

oh fuk my bad the tbol is for only 5 weeks lol.
The caber is for deal with low libido rigth?
The AI its so necessary?

Yes an AI is required, you can start at a lower dose of AI and dial it in, caber is for high prolactin, this will help sexual sides, and theres no playing with dosing because crashing your prolactin docent matter, it dosent do anything negative, and make your PCT 4 to 6 weeks, most guys like Nolva so yeah thats a good one to run

So the use of caber docent have any negative sides but how should I take it? from week 1 till 12?
Btw how much is the cost of an AI?
amd thanks for your help, Im going to read some more before doing this

Yeah your good man, um an AI, research chem wise would probably cost around 50 60 bucks, and the caber would be closer to a hundred