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Some New Parkour


Parkour Evolution

Looks like they're not even 200lbs on the scale. I guess they'll have to cry themselves to sleep at night for being JUST 'functional.' Pussies.


so obviously you know what parkour is right?

i'd be shocked if you did and still came out with such a twat fueled comment as that. parkour is a liftstyle for some people just like the gym is to others. don't knock people for doing what makes them happy. it doesn't pay to be 200+ lb when your moving around like they are, so why would they strive to be?


There's no debate as to whether they have functional strength or not as their activity isn't based on strength -- it's based on technique and skill.

Here's a short list of what they can do:

-- landing in ways to absorb or transfer the force of large jumps (TECHNIQUE)
-- acrobatics (SKILL)
-- balance a handstand (SKILL)
-- hang sideways from a pole in a flag (TECHNIQUE)

There's a base level of strength that is necessary in any athletic activity. This is all they possess.

It is impressive, but not from a physical perspective. What is impressive is the "mental strength" for overcoming fear, etc.


I agree completely with you. I was just being a sarcastic asshole because it makes me look cool and witty.


i think he was being sarcastic when he called them pussies. That stuff is tight. Its like gymnastics on the streets


sick, I love those vids.


i cant tell if you were being sarcastic or not, but im hoping you were, since i cant tell for the life of me why you would see a video of guys doing their thing and decide to post about how light and apparently physically lacking you think they are.


LoL; it seems, sadly, that people just dont pick up on sarcasm these days.


I'd like to see a 300 pounder pulling off that stuff. THAT would be impressive.