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Some New Gear


Nike High Premium Dunks


Rebel 8 T-Shirt

this music is also appropriate for this thread


Would read again.




I guess all the kids think you're cool, right?


Nice shoes mane, how much were they?



do you think im cool? thats why im doing all of this, for you. =)

but really, i know theres people on here are also into sneakers and streetwear. its not something i expect everyone to understand, just like i don't expect a lot of people to understand why i think lifting weights is so great either.

if you don't get it, don't like it, or whatever, thats fine. just don't bring it into here. much like you wouldn't go into Strength Sports and call PLing stupid or go into Combat Sports and call MMA stupid.


the first pair was like $80

the second was $100

i dont get too crazy with my sneakers. there's SB's and Jordans that go for hundreds and hundreds of dollars but im not that hardcore into it.

including those sneakers i posted

i have like 5 pairs that i wear to look good

3 pairs of gym/work shoes

and one pair of dress shoes

other people have like 20+ pairs of shoes (all nikes) in good condition. but it is what it is


What was your bodyfat % after buying those shoes?

Edit: I think your shoes look sweet.


nice kicks


I just took a big shit...want a picture???


me too, it looks like your avatar.


What a coincidence! Nice comeback by the way!


ROFL, good stuff.


The rebel 8 t is sweet!


I will never photograph my shoes/shirts.

<<< How ya like my Tabasco T-shirt?


i hope not. besides, when you've seen one pair of Hush Puppies, you've seen em all.


Yet people still do.


Hip Hop still sucks....


LOL!!! And you don't have a pool.