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Some Natural Gyno Problems

So, here's the issue. I used to be extremely heavy, at 256 all fat I was obese and needless to say, I had some titties most hooters girls would envy. So, I went on a mission to lose weight. Anything I tend to do, I do full out balls to the wall. I dropped down to 175 at my lowest, I'm 6'2". That was a little scary, no doubt, but, my tits did not go away.

After being skinny for a little while and realizing my true passion for being the biggest motherfucker alive, I decided I’d gain some weight, lift my ass off. And, at the time, I knew nothing about gyno so I figured if my chest filled out, the tits would go away. They have not. I currently sit at 235-238 and a pretty decent physique but carrying a little fat, but I mean I’m trying to gain weight here.

Nonetheless, I’m only 19 and having these breasts makes it kind of hard to have that confidence to show off a physique. 27 inch legs and a barn door back don’t make up for 13 year old girl boobs you know?

So, I went to the doctor and again, I really don’t know much about gyno other than the relation to E and E being related to being overweight. I got the bloodwork done, and the tests came back. My T was at 535 or something which I guess is normal and my E was pushing 100 which they, again said was normal, anything under 135 I guess. All I know is that I really need some help in getting rid of this. They wont prescribe me anything and feeling like you’re a man trapped in a prebubescent girl’s body is really getting to me. Anything?

Sorry for the life story, thought some background would be necessary. Thanks in advance

Still sounds to me like just fat…

Is the area around the nipple very painful to the touch/swollen and lumpy or is it just squishy?

Gyno has more to do with the nipple area, not really the entire “breast”.

This should probably be moved to the steroids forum as you will receive more help there.

If you really think it is gyno either get your doc to prescribe you nolvadex or purchase it from a chem research site yourself. Do 1-2 weeks 40 mg’s a day and see if anything changes.

It’s deffinately around the nipple, and it doesn’t hurt but it is slightly lumpy. I’ve even had my girlfriend confirm the lumpiness. I probably should have put this in the steroids forum but people tend to be kind of dickheads and rather discouraging in there lol. And, I figured my gyno is not steroid related.

I feel your pain. I was never overweight like that but my gyno most likely was due to a thyroid issue i had in my late teens. I got my endocronologist to perscribe tamoxifen and while i did notice a slight difference it was the same after the cycle as before.

Long story short from my experience the only real solution is surgery. my college student bank account aint nearly enough to funnd that so im just gonna have to wait till im working full time to consider getting it done.

I hear that. But, shit, I would like to try something like tamoxifen before I absolutely know that I’m going to have to throw down the big bucks.

It really sucks but from what I have learned if you already have tissue that is fully developed its very unlikely any drug will help. Tho its really hard to tell without being able to see anything.

Luckily the surgery is relatively painless although it may be expensive depending on where you live, a lot of good plastic surgeons have huge wait lists (I had to wait 14 months) so it may be worth your while to explore both options at the same time since this obviously bothers you a lot.

I can post some pics tomorrow if you guys are willing to wait it out lol. I mean, I don’t want you to think I’m bailing on this thread. I do want some feedback so I’ll get some pics on here. Along with a back pick just because there is an obvious difference between my back and my chest because I’ve always been so self conscious about my chest and used to not even train it. My back, legs and even my arms are big compared to my chest. It’s depressing… see, these tits are even making me sound like a chick lol

Sounds very similar to me, I gain a lot of fat on my chest (I guess I have female fat patterns). I actually did manage to ‘get rid’ of it by getting lean to the point where I actually looked like a POW. I’m not sure if I have an gyno as such there but it feels like the hard brown fat I have all over the place from being a big kid for far too long.

Is the skin loose at all? I have loose skin all over the place since I was about the same weight as you were but only 5’8" :wink:

Pics might help though and don’t stress it :smiley:

Hmm… ‘female fat patterns’ well… what could cause this with or without ASS use do you think?

Estrogen maybe?

Can you post up a pic??

It could be estrogen related… for sure…

Brook: I don’t wanna hijack this dudes thread but I’ve always been prone to ‘chest fat’, there’s a good chance it’s related to estrogen but it’s not better or worse now I’m using AAS. I haven’t noticed any gyno sides apart from some water retention (and quite bad until I upped my adex). If I had more adex I’d be tempted to run at 1mg/day to see what happens.

Running 0.5mg/day atm and no problems with regard to gyno or joint paint.