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Some Music For Your Ears

I didn’t want to post these groups in Prof X’s thread because it would probably get buried in there, so here ya go:

2 Skinnee J’s
Aesop Rock (Absolutely Ridiculous)
Apathy (Has Sick flows)
Danger Mouse
Deltron 3030
Flobots (Awesome Hip-Hop Group, They have a violist and a trumpet player)
Jedi Mind Tricks
Pinback (Pretty sick band)
RJD2 (Prob best hip-hop dj out besides Danger Mouse)
Soul Position
Sweatshop Union (Just Discovered Them, they are fucking nasty)
The Weatherman (Underground Hip-Hop Group with like 9 members like wu-tang)
Zion I

Before you guys flip out about all the hip-hop I listed, try and realize there is a large difference between hip-hop and rap.


Man you listen to some damn good hip hop.

Deltron 3030 FO LIFE SON!
DangerDoom too, god… now I feel obliged to go listen to some…
Blackalicious, mmm

JMT, good but spare my the fag hating

Aesop Rock is good too

YOU! Check out 7l and Esoteric



Right up yer alley diesel boy


7L & Esoteric - Wrestleelectro
has some of the best rhymes I’ve ever heard get thrown down.

oh ya dude, i forgot about the lyngists, they are dirty as fuck, that song halfanimal where they sample eminem in the background is great

Not a bad list, but I can add some good hip-hop.

One be lo / One man army
Binary Star
Kenn Starr
Gang Starr
Little Brother
Big Pooh
9th Wonder (ANYTHING)
People Under the Stairs
DJ Shadow

Just to name a few.

wow its funny to see people naming 7L & Esoteric outside of Boston when practically no one in Boston knows who they are

9th wonder was good shit, i already had a bunch of people under the stairs and binary star.

also, 7l was tight as fuck.

Yeah dude, I love their song
“Loud & Clear”
and most of the shit off of esoterics new album
which I have yet to get…

Very good shit

9th wonder needs to stop using fruity loops for his production

i really hate jmt due to vinnie paz

anyone checked the new killah priest album?

also dangerdoom is one of the best albums in the last couple of years

I’ve been enjoying Deltron 3030 and Aesop Rock as of late. I’d also like to add Slug and Sage Francis to the list.

just slug, or atmosphere as well?

Cannibal Ox-The Cold Vein…good shit