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Some Muscle Groups Twice Per Week


I love big basic movement and i like to train for strenght and general conditioning, to improve my athleticism and my healt!
Probably i am that type of guy which Thibaudeau would call "Easy Hard Gainer", very lean, good muscle definitions, but with hi methabolism and some difficulties in gaining size (175 cm - 73 kg).

According with the Thibaudeau's tips to train a muscle group twice per week for it to grow at an optimal rate, i create a workout schedule in which i train a muscle group one day with lower rep scheme and hi-intensity in order to stimulate strenght, and one day with moderate rep range and low-intensity, in order to stimulate hypertrophy. I can train 3 times a week, so it's sometingh like this:

Day 1: bench press (5x5-3)
floor press (5's cluster)
front squat (6x6 or 4x8)
bulgarian split squat (4x10)
triceps pushdown (3x12)

Day 2: Rest

Day 3: deadlift (5x5-3)
deadlift from pins (5's cluster)
arnold press (6x6 or 4x8)
lateral raise (4x10)

Day 4: Rest

Day 5: squat (5x5-3)
top-half squat (5's cluster)
incline bench press (6x6 or 4x8)
dumbbell fly (4x10)

Day 6: Rest

Day 7: Rest

Day 8: military press (5x5-3)
push press (5's cluster)
Snatch grip deadlift (6x6 or 4x8)
pull-up (4x10)
barbell curl (3x12)

Day 9: Rest

Day 10: Repeat

Do you think it should be a balanced and efficent program?
Thanks you very much for your attention and sorry for my english!