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Some Kid Thinks He Set Off the Lunk Alarm


So I'm doing deads the other day at my planet fitness and I'm working my way up to 400Lb doubles. I see this kid set up a few stations over and he starts doing deads too. It's so funny watching him pump himself up for 135. Then after he pulls it a few times, he starts walking around with invisible lat syndrome. Well anyway, I wanted to mess with him a little.

So when he is doing his next set, I get into my double 400 pull and on the last one I let it hit the floor a little harder than I normally would and the alarm starts going off. Since he was making a scene before and grunting and whatnot, the manager comes over to him and they get in an argument and everything. What a tool, Haven't seen him back in here since though.



PF has enough plates to make a 400lbs bar?


Video or it never happened!


Yes V. We are all very impressed with your 400# doubles. You can stop pretending that this is a parody thread and admit that you just wanted to boast about what a big bad ass you are. Way to make fun of a newb to prove you're a tough guy.



Even if it didn't happen, that was a funny scene in my head that made me laugh.




I went in to one of these the other day with my homegirl...I was simply amazed at the lack of equipment. I had to completely change my workout in order to somewhat have one. DB's that only go up 75lbs lol. I asked some dude where the rest of them were, and he just gave me a blank confused stare.


These replys are killing me.



I think Fuzzy makes a great point, I didn't think PF had enough plates to make it up to 400# ... did you somehow attach the dumbells to the bar as well? I mean, especially if there was some ILS kid with two MORE plates being utilized besides the ones you were utilizing...the numbers just don't add up fajita, unless you brought your own weights from home and if that's the case I applaude your effort at hating PF as much as the rest of us!!


I did bring in my plates from home. I have 4 45Lb plates at home and backpack them in and out with me as GPP. I'm hardcore yo!



Seriously, what kind of back pack do you use? The ones I keep getting always rip when I try that and I only use 3 45's


Mine is special, I had it made out of fat people skin after they get that stomach surgury and lose a bunch of weight. The thickness and elasticity is far more durable than any fiber we can currently make. Also it smells like bacon, so it always keeps me hungry.



You gotta give me the name of your plastic surgeon then, I would love to have one made for me ... imagine all the poon I'd pull toting a fat persons stomach around campus ... It'll be raining pussy for days


You can buy that shit black market, but I heard that they mostly use fupa to make it. One of those Buyer Beware things. It smells less like bacon and more like cheese.


I'm sure we can get at least...1..4...20 bags about of that fatty who is 400lbs! Skin is nice and young.


Your mother didnt love you when you were a child did she?
Brahahah @ Smells like bacon. Does that surgeon do requests?


All the better ... bitches love cheese


V they have barbells????!!!

only fucking thing i saw was a smith machine and . . . . . and . . . . . all the cardio shit in the world


Homeade, You know how I roll! They get a free skin removal procedure, I get some free skin and I get to use my staple gun. It's really a win win.



For 0.5 seconds I thought you were being serious. Glad you weren't, because that would have made you a right royal cunt.

Otherwise, good story.


You beast,doing 400 lb doubles??