Some Insight with a Client that is Crushing it Right Now

Should have read “really fit him” eg his structure, and I’m not laying out in here what I did for him. He pays for that.

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No , one has six movements and one has five. The leg day has four.

Sorry I meant how you determined best lifts for structure not program design.

Lots of communication and videos I would send him on movement execution and what I was seeing with his own. There’s no way I can teach you guys how to pick good movements for your structure via the net. And an article can’t do it either (sorry Thibs).


Ty ya thats what I was trying to understand :grinning:

I believe it comes down to being balanced, torso dominant, or limb dominant. That’s how I improved my physique. For legs it can also come down to someone being long limbed with a short torso or short limbed with a long torso.

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The limb length thing isn’t that relevant actually.

I’ve worked with tall guys with long femurs that could barbell squat better than short people with shorter femurs.

When I say finding movements that fit your structure it’s more than limb length. That CAN be a part of it, but there’s a myriad of other factors I’m talking about here.


MY email from said client this morning…

Okay, just an FYI my legs are getting stronger at a stupid pace. I about shit myself today 😂

**Went from 585x18 on the leg press 2 weeks ago to 635x21. I legit got stuck in the leg press two weeks ago trying to get 20 and finish the set. The progression here is silly. Next stop 7pps for 20 **

Just a little mid rotation update. Figured you’d find joy in that


That’s training legs once a week, with 4 total working sets.

Natty, intermediate.

Sometimes you gotta throw away the “science” guidelines and go with what your gut tells you to do.

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The 1st 15 reps of those dont do much for muscle growth. As Chris Beardsley and Christian Thibaudeau say only around the last 5 or 6 reps of a set really contribute to muscle growth.

But I’m guessing you’re using such High Reps because he’s using so much weight?

One: If it was ‘so much weight’, wouldn’t that preclude him from doing 20 reps?
Two: Getting stronger in the 8-20 rep range does a lot for muscle growth, even if the first reps of the set aren’t the main driver of the growth.
Three: I don’t think that’s an original concept by those two, and I’m pretty sure PC is aware of it.

I disagree

Ok first off, I had to teach Thibs that range. Second, there’s nothing wrong with using higher reps in order to facilitate better nutrient partitioning into a muscle as well, along with the fact that you’re using those reps to create fatigue to build into the effective reps.

But don’t ever give Thibs credit for that shit again, dude.

I literally broke down the physiological mechanisms behind effective reps for Thibs. And then I think he ended up including it somewhere and now this fruit loop is throwing credit at him over it.

Anywho, legs also consist of a big mix of different fiber types, and often contain a large mix of slower twitch. You want to hypertrophy those fibers as well. So getting them to fatigue can take more reps before you can get into the effective reps when failure is approaching.

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Who is a fruit loop?

How much nutritional partitioning helps with the muscle growth process from high reps? Is that something to do for every muscle group?

You’re the fruit loop because you read one 5x5 article from Thibs, where he basically took a conversation I had with him and made an article out of it, and then getting tunnel vision about rep ranges.

Generally speaking, more reps means you’re going to deplete a muscle of more glycogen. Duh. And there’s going to be a higher release of glut4 enzymes associated to restore more glycogen to those cells.

Now you’ll take this convo and try to figure out what to do with that info. And I’m not going to expound more on it.

The point is, there are 5 effective reps for growth that can be done in a maximal set to failure (I’m the one that had that convo with Thibs…I see now he turned it into a 5x5 article…but ok).

This doesn’t mean that sets of higher reps have no merit. It depends on what you’re using them for to be determined if you want to use them.


Haha you are the fruit loop whatever that is…

I didnt read any 5x5 article.
I got the effective reps from him from an answer he gave me on his forum a while back…

Do you have these guys pyramid/ramp up to this one top set or just one or two warm ups?


LOL wow. Looks like he and I need to have a talk.

always as many warm ups as needed.

That’s been a topic a lot lately - do you guys not understand how to warm up? It’s so weird how often I get asked that.

Whether you’re doing 1 top set or tons of volume you WARM UP THE SAME!