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Some Info About My Father and I's Up and Coming Fitness Business

Hey everyone, so my father and I will be releasing a business for bodybuilders that will appeal to both men and women. 325 Fitness will be the name. We are in the process of having our website put together right now by professionals, and once lockdown is over, we will be releasing it sooner rather than later along with an Instagram page and Youtube channel. We will be giving science based advice on lifting and training, diet, and supplementation that is broken down to a scientific tee. My father is in his 50s and has spent years and years studying this and competing in bodybuilding and powerlifting, in which he has won many natural show championships, all while passing the information to me. I am currently in training to be the physical model of the business as he is in his 50s, but we will both talk and be present on Insta, Youtube, and the website. This will appeal to men and women of ALL ages, as he has helped a very high number of both men and women of all ages achieve their goals for years. We will be selling workout and diet programs, merchandise, supplements, and even giving posing advice and doing online seminars. We really want to get the word out and for you guys to keep an eye out and would really love if some of you benefited from this! I will keep everyone updated as we progress and get our content out there. Our approach goes very deep into the science of your body, and we guarantee you will learn substance you never learned before and learn some myths that need debunking. Thank you to everyone who takes a look in the near future, and we appreciate all support and feedback! Best of luck in all of your future goals! Here are his credentials:
☆State and National Powerlifting Champion
☆All Natural Mr. USA Champion
☆Illinois State Natural Bodybuilding Champion
☆Indiana State Natural Bodybuilding Champion
☆Iowa State Natural Bodybuilding Champion
☆Heart of Illinois State Bodybuilding Champion
☆4th-Runner-Up Overall All Natural World-Cup Championships
☆Certified through the World Federatiom of Fitness
☆Certified fitness, figure, and bodybuilding judge
☆Master Nutritionist and Exercise Science Practitioner
☆Master Trainer of thousands of fitness, figure, physique and bodybuilding champions (men and women of ALL ages)

Oh my God :joy:

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Who needs terms and agreements of use?

I’m all in. I’ll cancel my TNatuon account as soon as it’s up.

Will you please show pictures of yourself and your father?

You’re late to the party, we already learned all the substance we never learned before from this guy.

Since you want to be a dick about it, I was new to these forums and looking for sound advice on hormonal balance while on cycle which I have received great info about. As a 2 weeks new member, I honestly did not know a lot about T Nation, I just came here for sound advice on testosterone specifically. Whatever terms of use I’m going against or whatever you guys are buying on here I was not aware of. I thought a forum was a good place to get the word out about our upcoming business. I am ignorant to many things on here, my first post was placed in the wrong section to put into perspective.

He competed decades ago and I am currently in training under his protocol that he took when he won all those credentials, so obviously I don’t look model or contest ready yet. You guys didn’t need to be dicks about it, just have somebody remove it if I made a mistake. I am new here.

You are probably jacked up on substances that a natural champion of many contests, quite frankly, never took. Which is why I came here for testosterone advice, because he has no idea about it. I went on T because all these businesses online are all juiced up to the gills and it’s a competitive advantage type of deal. And everyone here has been such a help until you guys acted entitled over a simple mistake I made as a rookie on a forum. I made a mistake as an ignorant new member, just have the post deleted. No need to act like a prick about it.

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I think this is one of the best complements @samul has received on this site. Hahaha!

@bbluxury, ok, since you are new, I’ll give you an honest answer for what it’s worth. Most of the meatheads here would rather listen to results first than advertising (which you mainly did). The reason you were met with the response that you got is because you’ve said nothing new. It’s just the same as other fitness gurus and coaches have been saying. If your product will produce results, I guarantee it will take off over time. So chin up and keep moving forward if you really believe in your product. Good luck dude.


Thanks for the positive reply man. I absolutely have 100% confidence as thousands of people have benefited and the one who taught me never touched a steroid in his life and became one of the most respected people in our area, to the point where we get into our gyms for free because he helped numerous owners of gyms win contests. Appreciate you being understanding man. Until they can send me a Mr. USA trophy that was won with zero steroids I will gladly compliment them and take their opinion into account.

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Obviously, since I’m starting a fitness business and running gear in my 20s, I’m not yet ready to show my physique along with my page-long advertisement, so I’ll just post pictures of dad’s trophies and let the billz roll in.

Also, @samul hasn’t ever taken a steroid. Plenty of people on here haven’t. He just works hard.

Not trying to be a dick, dude. Best of luck to your business endeavors, just next time, you may not want to come on to a website that is basically exactly this:

promoting your own thing.

I give up. You’ve just won The Battle of The Seedman Vids.


SO happy you saw that, I had considered tagging you, but it seemed a bit like…a shameless plug…


I’m outta here though - in all seriousness, best of luck on your fitness journey and your business - can’t hate on it if it works out and you make money.

I’d just suggest piling up some accomplishments and having the type of physique that speaks for itself first.

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I understand, I didn’t know my proper knowledge about T Nation and I made a mistake. If this post needs to be deleted, that’s okay and I apologize for my mistake. Btw let me find the photo of my dad at 57 years old


If you were being ironic, I applaud you Sir LOLLL!!!


It’s all good, the mods will delete/alter it Monday when their work week starts back up. You probably understand why it’s not cool to advertise a competing business at a business.

I do, of course. I apologize for the inconvenience everyone!

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Thank you for your regards man, much appreciated. But all my dad’s accomplishments are in the OP, and I posted his photo at 57. He is half the business. As for me, I am just coming out of college and was in a fraternity so lots of drinking and partying. He is getting me there and I will be ready! Wish you guys the best in all of your goals as well!