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some impressive strength feats

Check these photos out:



These are photos of one of the early famous rock climbers, John Gill. There are some other impressive photos on the site as well.

Those kick ass. Climbing rules.

I attempted that second move three days ago. In short, NO. Can’t do it. Could have something to do with the tuna casserole I had beforehand.

Nah, that’s not it.


A few years ago ther was a picture in a climbing mag of a dude doing a onefinger onehand pull up. Now that was freak’n impressive. That first pic is pretty amazing too.

The same site has a pic of Gill doing a one-arm one-finger pullup, as well as a pic of a weighted one-arm.

I think the coolest thing about John Gill is that he was never satisfied with simply doing a boulder problem. He would rehearse the sequences until the problem was done in its most pure, aesthetic, efficient form. In short, this really inspired me to put more effort in to climbing technique training.

On the climbing theme, I did six sets of campus ladders last saturday (no feet, one arm pulling up past the other). My left bicep/brachialis is still crazy sore. I think I will lay off on the pull ups until this weekend.