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Some Help With New Workout

A little history about myself…

Well I’m not a beginner, I have been weight lifting for about a year. I haven’t had much success for about 8 months because of not eating enough and not training with intensity. The last 4 months I have made tremendous gains. My 1rep max bench went from ~52kgs(114.5lb) to ~85kgs(187lb)(I never actually benched it, but this is a much longer story of why I could. Its at the bottom if you want to read why I could.)


I am on vacation in Australia(been about 2 weeks), then I will be back in New Zealand for 2 weeks. Then I will be moving back to the States.
So I won’t be do much, if any weight lifting. I hear that regaining lost muscle mass is quite easy and just takes a bit of time.


Age and stuff:
15 years old, 155lb(70k), 5% body fat as the skin calipers say, but I’m not sure if I believe that. I had my dad measure…7 spot, had him measure the area three times then average it.


Once I get back to the states, I plan to try and raise my 1rep max to 100k(220lb). I have quite a high metabolism because of my age(15) so I’m just about always hungry and must always be eating.

Massive eating says I should be eating about 4500calories a day, but I plan to bump it up to about 5000-5500 calories because of a high metabolism.

What supplements do you recommend? I’m thinking about getting Surge(haven’t tried yet), micronized creatine and protein powder. I will be eating big meals often to try and get all of the carbs in.

I will be using the Waterbury METHOD which is total body training. I completed 3 weeks, making great results. And I plan to try and actually complete it this time.

Any other total body training programs you recommend? I know of Waterbury METHOD and TOTAL-BODY Training.

I will be doing HIIT for 25 minutes and kick boxing training(speedballing, bags, and the whole package) for 30 minutes every other day.

I am worried that the cardio will interfere with my weight gaining, as I am trying to gain a lot of mass, but when I stop doing cardio, I rarely gain fat mass as the skin fold calipers show, I fell sluggish when I run and get tired easily.

If you have any constructive criticism, please do.

When I was checking my 5 rep max about 2.5 months ago, I was able to bench 55kg 5 times. About a month later I had some guy at the gym spot me, I benched 75kg once. Now I can bench 60kg x 3 10 reps easily, I can also bench 60kg x 6 reps 4 sets easily. That is why I think I could bench 85k. May not of been that good of a reason, but it is mine.


Unless you have an independent reason to do the HIIT (e.g. conditioning for a sport,) I wouldn’t do any kind of energy systems work. Why eat into your recovery?

Don’t worry about supplements. Take some fish oil and get a good protein powder and don’t worry about the rest.

As for training, your idea is fine but I don’t think you need something as complex. Starting with a Bill Starr 5x5, moving to something like Chad’s ABBH and then building to a 3x/week plan would probably work better. But whatever you settle on, whether it’s Chad’s kind of training or something altogether different, the most important aspect BY FAR of your training program is that you believe in it. Remember that.

And make sure you’re eating as much as you think you are. 5K calories/day is a lot…log your food for a couple weeks and you might be surprised.

Good luck.

Yes i understand, I tried to eat 4k calories, but i would end up eating about 3.5k because of kickboxing(eats up about 2 hours)

And I am on my off phase of creatine, but Ive only lost 1kg(been about 2 weeks). I remember when I started taking CEE creatine, I gained about 3kg. Is something wrong?

I’m going to try out Surge, and I do beleive in creatine, so Im going to stick with them. 5k calories is going to be hard, but I’m going to try. Its mainly just a goal, I doubt Im going to eat 5k, but if i eat 4k-4.5k I’ll be happy.