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Some Help with Labs


Im going to post my labs and ref ranges. Still feeling tired and concentration feels off. LMK what you guys think

Also on TRT at time of this test at 125mg week cypionate, 250iu of hcg 3x per week, ghrp at 100mcg at bedtime

LH- 0.1 1.7 - 8.6 mIU/mL
FSH- 0.2 1.5 - 12.4
TSH 1.41 .03 - 3.7 UIU/ml

Testosterone 617 249 - 846 ng/dl
estradiol 18.6 7.6 - 42.6 pg/ml
IGF-1 257 115-307 ng/dl
Free Test 16.2 8.7 - 25.1 pg/ml
T4 9.9 4.5-12.1 UG/DL


Also forgot .5 mg of anastrozle on inject days


Do you inject once or multiple times per week? In relation to blood test when was injection day?


I inject early mon aatelierate thursday. I'm pretty sure a day after inject day I got bloodwork. After being up for two hours on a fast aside from sugar free amp energy drink


So you inject Mon and Thursday at 62.5mg.
My understanding is that test Cyp peaks about 4 days after injection.

So since you had blood work done day after injection you would have been 4 days after your previous injection or 5 days.

Your test levels are not that bad. E2 looks pretty good a little lower than the 22 recommended.

How long have you been on this protocol?
how much do you weigh?

give us a little more information it might help the others understand your situation better.

Hard to say your if your sypmtoms are related to you needing a little more testosterone. The only real way would be to up the dosage and see.

Post all the blood work you have and info.


I'm 6-2 250 lbs. 33 years old. I've been on this protocol for about 6 months. At 200mg per week I felt even worse. So the lower dose helped. But something feels off. Explored my thyroid. Doc said all was good.

Could just be stress and the fact I rotate shifts. That shit catches up


Shift work could play a part. Have you ever had your cortisol checked?

Best would be the 4x per day saliva test along with dhea-s.

If you can't get the saliva test at least push for the 8am cortisol blood draw.

You know I read an article the other day which stated that about 80% of the US population will go through adrenal fatigue during their life.

Lets be honest shift or rotating shift work, night shifts etc all are nasty on the body in one way or another.


I've explored the adrenal fatigue. Had my cortisol checked a while Back. Was good.
But I'll be honest. At 200mg test per week I feel awesome aside from stress going up.

My numbers at 200mg per week were great too. But little things put me over the edge. Gotta find the coorelation and what's causing it tho


Although 200mg a week is a higher dose than normal, some do need it. Sometimes the bigger you are the more you need, makes sense.

I guess if 125mg a week is not great, 200mg is great but not ideal how about try 150mg.

2 or 3 shots with total 150mg it might just be the sweet spot. Also maybe a slight tune of your adex dose might do the trick.


I'll tell you what. I got a b12 shot. Good lord do I feel good. But getting some weird sides