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Some Help with German Volume Training


Today is Day 2 of my sixth German Volume Training (GVT) cycle. I have been using the routine as described in several articles I’ve found on Google, including at least one by Charles Poliquin. In my case, I’ve done the five-day cycles consecutively instead of doing one five-day cycle each week/seven days. So I will complete six five-day cycles in a 30 day period.

The GVT articles I have read are confusing when it comes time to transition to Phase II. I understand the sets and reps, but the articles are sometimes contradictory. They say six weeks for GVT. Does this mean Phases I and II, or are they suggesting only one cycle per week? I’ve done six cycles in 30 days, which the articles also suggest is optimal.

Sunday should be my first day of Phase II. The articles suggest this should take three weeks. Does this mean I do four five-day cycles within that 21 day period? That means seven weeks, instead of the six as mentioned in the articles. Hence my confusion.

If someone can refer me to a link that explains GVT very clearly, I would be most appreciative. I should mention I’m getting great results - building muscle, getting stronger and losing fat. Once I’m done with GVT Phase II, its back to Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1. I’m down 50 pounds in bodyweight since July, so I’m excited to see what I’m able to do on 5/3/1 two or three weight classes lower.




It wont make much difference either way. Broadly speaking if what you;re doing is “getting great results” then keep doing it. If you feel like adding an extra days rest/extend into 7 weeks thats fine, just dontlet your joints get too pissed off


TC wrote an article about it a long time ago. Check it out.