Some Help Reading These Labs

Well just had some blood work done about a month and a half ago. But my doc didnt get all the neccessary labs requested. So on Tuesday I will be seeing another doc. But some things I have in question until then:

Cortisol random - 10.4 (10.0-25.0)
T4- 6.5 (4.7-10.3)
TSH-1.19 (0.44-4.21)
T3 Total- 158.02 (87.00-178.00)
Growth Hormone- <0.1 (thinking I have to call and actually get these results) no results. Not sure what kind of test but it just checked for a disease that would cause deficiency or something like that

Total test 547(200-800)

I am a 32 year old male, 6-2, 260 lbs. Been feeling shitty and tired as hell lately. I also have not been taking my anastrozle for quite some time and running 200mg cyp per week divided into 2 doses per week.

Ill be going for a full work up in a few days but I have been thinking I also had an adrenal gland fatigue problem or thyroid

200mg/week = mega dose (normal is 100mg/week) which means that more than likely you have problems with other systems (as you noted).

no aromatase control on mega test dose = big problems

cortisol of 10 or less at 8am = low which mean probable Thyroid problems with a good chance of high Reverse T3.

You need more tests per the blood test sticky to determine what is wrong so that you can fix it.

let us know how the doctor visit goes.

You should resume anastrozole before lab work, so the lab results can be used to refine the dose. You should feel better in 10-14 days. Suggest 0.5mg EOD for your 200mg/week T dose.

Edit your post with the [Edit] function and put in the lab ranges.

Ok. Thank you. I have since resume anastrozle as well

Just an update. Saw a urologist today. He is having me see a good Enzo. Although he does test therapy he feels there is other hormone issues associated with my chronic fatigue etc. Guys I couldn’t even Get out of bed today. Saw I will be getting an igf 1 test along with a full panel. My t3 etc looked good he said

Post your thyroid levels and ranges and stop with the “My t3 etc looked good he said”

It is posted in the first post of this thread

THE RANGES ARE NOT POSTED. Asking for the third time…

I apologize. I misread. I will post tomorrow. Thanks again

also free T3 may look just fine, but your RT3 could be canceling out all of your free T3. without RT3 values you are flying blind.

check out stopthethyroidmadness they have some great information.

Ok posted the ranges. I know lots is missing hence why I’m seeing an endo. The urologist was actually really up front and said there are other issues and he suspects growth hormone possibly too but he said that’s for a specialist to figure out

T4 is a little below mid range and T3 is a little high. Nothing alarming there. fT3, fT4 would have been more informative.

GH has a very short half-life and is release in pulses. This makes testing of GH mostly a waste of time. The test should be for IGF-1 which the liver produces in response to GH pulses. IGF-1 has a much longer half-life. IGF-1 testing is the preferred proxy for GH. IGF-1 results are much more conclusive.

Cortisol levels change over the day. Please provide time of day for the lab work. The real deal is a four sample saliva cortisol test to get levels and pattern for a day. Should be a normal stressful day, not a day at home.

DHEA is an adrenal hormone and if DHEA is low, this can build a diagnosis for adrenal problems. DHEA has a short half-life, the test should be for DHEA-S, S as in Sulfate.

Suggest that you read:
And see if you recognize some of your self in the book. The book also explains the barriers to diagnosis and treatment.

I will look into that book. Thank you. Bookmarking it now. I awoke around 8 or so and had my tests at 11. My urologist had said that as well to get that and it should have been an igf test.

I find that at certain points of the day I really hit a wall. If I work a typical dayshift I hit it right after lunch and then early evening actially to the point i cant keep my eyes open. I usually work a 7p to 3a shift tho and around
Midnight i hit that wall. So my schedule is somewhat steady. I always feel horrendous as the start of my shift. Which started a viscious cycle of like 5 red bulls a day. When they were making me feel worse I knew something was wrong.

When I had these tests done in July I was really using caffeine heavily to the point it was making me tired after consuming. I have since cut back and started the anastrozle again and started to feel better. I just can’t handle caffeine less than like 6 to 8 hours before bed. Like for instance I was throwing an extra caffeine drink The past week or so and could not wake up after a decent nights sleep.

Ok now I’m just rambling. Lol. Thanks ksman for your input

These stories about how you react to stimulants does suggest adrenal fatigue. Car accidents, surgeries, illnesses, job loss, deaths in the family, divorce etc can all hammer one’s adrenals. Stimulants also stress the adrenals.

When there are thyroid or adrenal issues, TRT can make those conditions worse by creating metabolic demands that the other systems can no longer support; aka hitting the wall. Or finding the next weak link to break.

It’s rotten. Im not at the point I was a few months ago. I started taking natural supps to help. B5 and vit c and some other things. So I have had some relief. Thanks for your input tho