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Some Help Please


First, I love the site. I stumbled across it some time ago and have been periodically checking back. The only bad thing I've seen is all of the meatheads who get their jollies from ripping on the people who are trying, but aren't huge or ripped at this point. Everybody has got to start someplace, so try giving some encouragement to them. At least they are trying.

With that said. I've been lifting on and off for a while, but haven't been able to keep a steady routine due to pursuing an engineering degree in college(not too much time away from studying). I've never been able to put on much of any weight with weight lifting. But I'd love to start packing on some mass.

I'm currently at 155 lbs at 5' 9.5". I was at 165 this summer, but I stopped lifting because of work/class and started eating a little better as well (thanks to a new girlfriend). I'm looking for some real advice for workouts. I'd like to lift 4 times a week (M,T,TH,FR). Can anyone help me with some very detailed workout plans for gaining mass?

My other problem is a lack of a lifting partner, but that's something I'll have to figure out on my own. Thanks everybody.


First of all, people usually get flamed when they post something which looks like they've done absolutely no research and want all the work done for them. Posting stats, goals, current plans, diet, etc will go a long way.

I'd say try ABBH - although not strictly M,T,TH,F, it's a good program and I don't believe you can't spare 4-5 hours a week. My work times with travel are over 12 hours a day, and I manage to make the gym often, as well as prepare 80% of my own meals.


Also, you need to be eating enough to be adding mass - not crazy amounts unless you really struggle to add weight - but just so you are never hungry.


As a former university student I can appreciate your problem, but time shouldn't be too big of an issue. Using a program like Waterbury's total body training you should be able to make progress only spending perhaps 4 hours per week in the gym as long as you're getting adequate sleep and your diet is decent. I'm sure you can manage to find 4 hours a week to train if it's important to you.


I had more time when I was studying engineering than I do now. That is also when I made my best gains. Just like with studying, set aside the time. You only need to set about 1.5 hours for it. That is your workout and your shower.


I agree with all the above posts. Allocate your time as you would with studying. I was a double major as an undergrad while working a job, and still packed on +35lb.


I would start out with full body workouts 3x/week. Chad Waterbury's Total Body Training comes to mind.

And Please! Enjoy all the free time you think you don't have now. A couple hours of classes and few hours a night studying? Wait until you get to the real world. Time mangement becomes a key factor. Might as well start applying it now. (But have some fun too... You're a college student! 8^)