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Some Help Please with Test and Deca


hey guys , i got a course of tess 400 and deca 300. take 1ml of each twice a week. comin up to end of my 5weeks. do i ave to get a pct or where do i go from now? new to this sorry.


first of all there is a STEROID section under the "pharma" forum

i dont have a clue how to properly do a cycle but i do know that you ALWAYS NEED PCT

if you really dont know that then you're a fucking idiot and shouldnt be using this shit... no offense


So you had a bottle of each and decided to go for it? First of all Test E and Deca will take some time to work (about 3-5 weeks on average). A proper Test Deca cycle should take around 10 weeks. Was your Test 400 and Deca 300 dosed at 400/300 per cc? If so you injected 800mg Test and 600mg of deca for your first cycle. I'm impressed by your stupidity.

Before you screw everything up:

For PCT start 2 weeks after your last injection and take 40/40/20/20mg of Nolvadex a day.


@dahollow. sorry im new to this and ive been givin wrong advice by supplier. dont mean to be stupid on the matter but everyone has to start somewhere!

should i take another course before the pct?


just stop while your ahead, take the pct and learn alot about what you are putting into your body before thinking about wasting money,time/energy and your potential health again


Wouldn't it be best to wait 3 weeks after his last injection? (deca)