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Some help from New Zealand ZMA users

Hi all T-men/Vixens

I’m looking at buying ZMA in New Zealand, preferably the Auckland area if possible. I would really appreciate it if anyone has a reputable distributor of Biotest, Balco Labs, or Twinlab ZMA Fuel (are they the only real distributors of ZMA?), and would be willing to pass on the contact information.

I have found one website through the Yellow Pages that sells Biotest products (first time I have found Biotest in NZ), the website is www.supplements4u.co.nz A bottle of ZMA goes for $52 NZ dollars there, how reasonable is this? Also I am slightly wary of this ?company? due to the fact it only has a PO box and Fax, no physical address or phone number.

Please if anyone has information I would appreciate it greatly!

Hi ya, the company you’re speaking of is not a Biotest distributor. I’d go to www.fitnet.co.nz and ask Cliff if he has ZMA or can get it. They carry some Biotest products and the prices are pretty good (OK, well they suck only because the kiwi $ sucks) but Cliff is great and very helpful.

Bite the bullet and order it from overseas. if you find a cheap place and order a bit of stuff it makes it worth your while. I get mag 10 and stuff all the time, it gets gere fine, takes less than a week to get here and it works out cheaper in the long run