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Some Help for Beginner Strongman Competitors

I uploaded 3 videos this week that may help some of you out who are interested in Strongman.

If you are wondering how to integrate Strongman movements into your normal strength routine… Alan Thrall featured me on his channel Where i show you how to layout your Programming

If you are looking for Alternative exercises that mimic Strongman movements or have ever wondered how you can acquire/make your own implements

And if you are wondering which Barbell exercises have the best carryover to Strongman Events, you can check this out

I hope this helps some of you out!



Very informative. The westside for skinny bastards template should provide a good framework for strongman training. I’ll have to look into making my own implements

I did go ahead and make some implements. I purchased 24’ of 1.5" steel pipe (1.9" OD), 3/16 wall thickness (thickest they had).
I made a 7’ axle, a 7’ chain yoke, and am in the process of making 2x 5’ farmers walk implements as well.
I used split ring collars that had to be ordered in for me at a local specialty hardware store.

The axle weighs ~25pounds unloaded, I have not weighed the others yet. Thanks for the videos Brian!


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Awesome info. Thanks for making these videos @Alpha

A little bit about the heavy rowing though. Do you think it has a place as a main lift in a program, or would you still relegate it as an assistance lift generally speaking?

I try to treat it as a main lift but as an antagonist movement to your bench since it is in the same Plane. I don’t think IT or the bench deserves a spot all on its own for a main day (if you are training for strongman) but throw them both together and you can build an awesome workout.

Ad thank you to everyone else who responded to this thread, i really appreciate it!

Thanks @Alpha !

Makes sense. I have a follow-up question actually. In the context of conjugate (I’m doing westside for skinny bastards right now) would you still perform it as an antagonist movement, or rather rotate a push & pull for your max effort work?

When i am running conjugate I throw it in as the antagonist because I find I am stronger that way. Definitely give it a try and see what works best for you!

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These should help as well if you liked the last ones:

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