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Some Help For a Young Guy

Well to start off im 16 years old (17 in march) and im 5’9" and 175 pounds and i want to get ripped for sports and for the ladies ^_^. I have a slight case of the man breasts, but when people ask what i weigh they say i hide it well. Can someone tell me the type of lifting/cardio/diet, i should be doing to lose the excess fat and get more muscles? Thanks.

Really anything to start just somethuing you will do.

Read vrooms Are You a Beginner II" thread and come back with a base iof knowledge and more focused questions.

first of all diet most important if you wana loose those man boobs. im assuming you dont eat your 3 portions of veg and 2 of fruit, do so great place to start. for the veggie side of things eat lots of cabbage, broccoli and colliflower, these veg reduce the oestrogen levels in the body which is a female hormone. which is why u have boobs, because of a rise in oestrogen in your body. secondaly if your doing cv work then use interval training i suggest the rower. do 20sec sprints with 40secs rest. repeat that 12 times that should be your cv work done. resistance training is obviously wot u want to do if you wana get riped for the ladies, its also a great way to loose weight useing a training technique called peripheral heart action, while also getting all the benefits of hypertrophy. give us a private if u want more details.