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Some Help Finalizing Cycle


I’m 5’8"
15-18% bf
26 years old
12 years lifting experience

So I’m trying to bulk up right now being winter… Currently on piana’s bulking meal and workout plan. Goal at the end of 16 weeks is weighing over 250. By the summer being 240+ and under 12% bf. We will see how it goes anyway here is my plan lets here what everyone has to say.

W 1-12 test e 250mg e3d
W 4-8 Dbol 30/30/40/40
Adex .25 e3d as needed
W 13-16 test e 100mg/w
W 17-22 test e 80/80/60/50/40/20
Also have nolva wondering what kind of dosage to use during taper and I have plenty of Adex.
As of now I’m eating 5 meals a day that are 50g protein 60g carbs each and a egg white protein shake. My bf is currently dropping as I’m adding weight. I will be starting the cycle on 1/18 it is my 4th cycle and I’ve been reading this forum for about 8 months since my last cycle. Learned a ton here and any feedback would be awesome thanks guys!


Any help would be great


You are 5 foot 8 and 235 and want lifting advice?

I want pictures


I don’t want lifting advice at all lmao I’m also a personal trainer… I want cycle advice yes I’m about as wide as a door but I wanna hit 250 and with no side effects lol