Some Help Dialing In TRT?

This is a big NO, TRT decreases SHBG. I don’t know who told you TRT and HCG increases SHBG, you would do well to ignore them because they don’t know what they are talking about.

In my experience this AI dosing game always ends with low or crashed estrogen, this drug was design to crush estrogen in women with breast cancer.

If you’re not looking to have kids right now, HCG is unnecessary, when you’re ready for kids, then use HCG. You can also add FSH injections, this work very well when HCG isn’t enough to get the job done.

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You need to be pinning yourself. Probably paying a premium for some nurse to jab you in the ass. @systemlord is a big advocate of ED pinning of very small amounts. I pin twice/week and just divide my dose in 2. One thing we all realize is that everybody is different and needs to learn what works best for them.

We’ve also found out that most Docs follow some old ass protocols and the patients suffer. You have to be proactive and be flexible in your treatment

looking to do it next year

Money isn’t really an issue.

That is why I liked the test P because I found less side effects originally.

Im just trying to move into something stable here, something that is consistent and I can get a true base to work with.


essentially I should let my estrogen climb until what? until I feel incredible?

I started feeling shitty last 3 days… just power through until its really shitty?

Its because you went from a short ester to a long ester. Your TT levels were high and then they bottomed out. It takes 6 weeks for the long ester to accumulate T in your body.

So you feel bad cause you basically stopped taking T.

I would have blended the 2 for a while, and then pulled the prop.


As a side note, I actually like blending my enanthate with some prop. Just did a shot of it about 10 minutes ago.

It is called the poor mans sustanon :slight_smile: However I do not suggest guys use blended esters when they first start TRT. Once you have a good dialed in program with a single ester, then you can experiment because if things don’t go as planned you have something tried and true to fall back on.


lol I understand… im looking for the “fall back” haha… mine currently doesn’t exist

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Stability comes over time without constant adjustment. Believe, me I have been where you are and I tried everything under the sun. I was running Test and adex until I read everything @physioLojik wrote on the subject. Thats when I dropped everything while cruising and run nolva (a SERM) when blasting.

He doesnt frequent the forum anymore but he is a trained endo TRT doc who also happens to be a juicing bodybuilder. A rare combo. Search for his post: AI Preachers

that’s what im looking to do. Is to dial in something that is tolerable and stable… may not be completely optimal but just something I can show good numbers and then dial in further knowing I can come back to baseline.

Based on the labs you presented, I dont see anywhere that you’ve had high E2. Just stop the adex and keep your Test where its at and be aware of signs but dont freak out and jump on a ton of adex.

What were your high e2 symptoms?

hurts to sleep on my stomach

and lumps developing. I’ve always been ultra sensitive to estrogen, just realized I’ve been crushing it to hard for the past years.

I was told this was happening because I crushed my E2 levels so low for so long many of the receptors were no longer there. Making my body respond like I had high E2 but it was just higher than its been in a long time. So I dropped the AI for 4 weeks. Needed time to build up receptors which is why I took the SERM and let estrogen get to 34.

I did stop the adex for 4 weeks which is how my last report got to 34… which I was told was a little higher than what the doc wanted to see based on my test levels. He then encouraged I tried .25 of adex 24hours of injection. I told him for the past 3 days I wasn’t feeling as good and libido suffered even worse… that’s why the AI was reintroduced at a low level 1x a week.

the goal is to get 22-28 and play with that range before exploring higher… and to stay stable there for a while… is that not a good plan?

Well, like we are all saying, that number is a fallacy. My E2 is 127 and my libido and erections are great. Your ratios are still very low and your symptoms may be low E2 and not rising E2. Other shit affects libido too. What other panels have you had done? Prolactin for example or DHT?

I’ve done full panels everything checks out

So your at a 6.75% ratio… is there a ratio number to strive for?

Mine would be 3.11%

Do you worry about stroke or other complications with such a high estrogen?

Nope. and I’m not sure where you are getting your info.

Please go read this thread

Well I guess if I don’t feel better in 48hours when AI peaks then I’ll just let the estrogen keep going up by ditching it again for a couple weeks.

I think it could take longer than that. Also consider what we talked about pinning 2x weekly to keep Test levels stable. Are you lean or “adipose challenged” ? Fat cells are much more likely to increase aromatization of Test. Ask you Dr for an off label script for Nolvadex.

I am lean, very lean. Was 118lbs when I started my working out journey.

I would prefer raloxifene - which I am taking.

nolva kills my libido, feel like shit, and cry like a girl.

ill see if they will start letting me do my injections… I’ve done my own for years lol but don’t mind just going in.

If you do, some members here are big advocates of sub-Q shots using insulin needles. Supposed to be better for slow release. I’ve tried it and didnt like it but you might.