Some Health Advice, If Possible!

Not sure if this is exactly the right place to post this, but hoping that people will be able to offer advice or point me in the right direction. I know that many people on here are v. knowledgeable about the human body and how it works.

I’m 22, female, non-smoker, infrequent drinker. I don’t drink coffee, tea or carbonated drinks, I don’t take recreational drugs. Living in the UK.

I have had chronic insomnia roughly since the beginning of the year. I find it difficult to fall asleep, and more often than not my sleep is interrupted - I keep waking up, falling back into a light sleep, etc.

I’m leaning towards thinking it could be due to a physical cause rather than a mental block on being able to fall asleep, as I have tried many sleeping aids, graduating from mild to fairly extreme: herbal Nytol, Kalms sleeping tablets, Melatonin capsules (going from 1 capsule to 3) and the latest is Phenibut. I’ve had varying degrees of success with these, Phenibut being the most effective but still a little hit and miss.

In addition to this, I rarely if ever get headaches, but this year I have had them regularly and they last for a long time. From what I’ve heard from other people, they aren’t migraines - no swimmy vision, bright lights are okay, etc - it’s just painful and usually lasts around a week.

I usually take Paracetmol to combat headaches, but it does nothing for these. I tried Ibuprofen, again nothing. I haven’t tried Asprin, but I drink a lot of water when they come on. Nothing really seems to help - it just has to run its course, it seems.

I feel hot almost all the time - its now winter in the UK, but I still find myself with the fan on and the window open at night, as I am much too hot. I thought perhaps my blood pressure was up, but I’ve had it checked 3 or 4 times this year and it is normal to low.

A month or so ago I started losing weight. Not so noticably that people would comment, but I’ve comfortably lost a dress size. I was certainly eating no less than the usual amount, and felt as though I was constantly eating - being so tired from not sleeping I was trying to throw some fuel on the fire, as it were.

A couple of weeks ago I was ill, nothing serious, just a normal cold. I lost my appetite almost completely, and felt no hunger at all. In a week I had next to nothing to eat, and it’s taken me until now really to get back to a normal appetite.

Then, on Thursday last week, I noticed a brown vaginal discharge. This last until Sunday, it started a darkish brown and got progressively more reddish. It was just like the sort of tail-off you would get at the end of your period.

My period was due on the Monday, I still haven’t got it, but that is quite normal for me, I’m usually a week or so later than the date I should be. I’ve not had unprotected sex, and I’ve taken a pregnancy test that was negative.

I’m concerned because I don’t know if these symptoms are related at all, obviously losing weight for no apparent reason is not a good sign, and consistant headaches are not good either. This last thing has me really concerned. My periods are usually later than predicted, as I mentioned, and really quite heavy.

I should mention that I went to the doctor regarding the insomnia prior to being ill. She told me that she could not prescribe any sleeping tablets as they are not allowed to do that anymore.

She seemed unconcerned about the headaches, and just asked if I’d had my eyes tested (twice this year). I didn’t get a chance to mention that I’d been losing weight as well. She didn’t believe me when I told her that I don’t drink tea or coffee. The only thing she did do was to take my blood pressure, though she started doing it as I was in the middle of explaining that I’d had it checked a few times previously, and it had been fine.

I’ve been looking at stuff on the web, but without a good understanding of the human body, it’s a bit of a minefield.

So really my question to any poor person who managed to read all of that and is not yet asleep from sheer boredom is: do you think that any of these symptoms are related to each other, or caused by each other? Do you have any suggestion of an underlying cause? Any ideas of how to treat any of it?

Thanks in advance!

I’m coming from the Land of Thyroid issues, but hyperthyroidism can cause heat, weight loss, and sleep issues. You might want to get it checked out.

Thank you for your reply, I had considered that myself. I’m going to make another appointment with my GP on Monday, but from my last experience I’m either going to have to get v. pushy or get someone else to come along who is!

had same sleeping issues as you for years. i tried all kinds of sleep aids - had headaches from lack of sleep, hormones off - miserable for years. even tried phenibut. tried lunesta - tasted like the butterfly crapped on my tongue. NOTHING worked.

then i read about magnesium deficiency - very cheap, not toxic at ll.

now i sleep like a baby. i take about 800mg every evening. maybe it might help you.

good luck. i know the feeling.

Thank you for your input, I will definitely try that. I’m so frustrated not being able to sleep, and it just affects me the whole time, because I never catch up on the deficit, it’s like I’m not properly living, just existing. So your experience and suggestion is much, much appreciated!

First thing that came to mind was hyperthyroidism…

Heres a link to a good site full of info!

I would definitely get an appt with your doc though!!

Print out what you wrote here and take it to your doctor. I get really frustrated with these posts. We aren’t doctors and aren’t qualified to do more than guess. Those guesses are, as you can see, based entirely on each person’s own experience.

I have thyroid issues, too, and have dealt with hyperthyroidism. If I chime in and say “Oh yes, me too, insomnia,” does that make the advice seem more sound? It’s not.

Maybe it’s thyroid issues. Okay, so then what? Is it thyroid cancer, like I had? Or Graves Disease?

Of course, a brain tumor or estrogen fluctuations seem just as likely, to me. But I’m not a doctor!

You need help. Go to your doctor and be assertive.

I’m not a doctor,but I suffer from severe HYPOthyroidism (underactive thyroid gland) and it was diagnosed and I am on medication.
I had no idea what the Thyroid Gland was for or what it did.
So I read up on it,and what you mention does sound like some of the symptoms of HYPERthyroidism (OVERactive thyroid gland)
I would insist from the doc that you go for a blood test,and get your Thyroid checked.

I have no idea about your medical condition however my advice is do not be afraid to get v pushy with your GP.