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Some Gullible People!


Snopes is a website that is sort of like Mythbusters...people can go there and check if a story or pic or video is real....but some are a little too gullible:


By the way, it seems like just the OP was gullible, or just looking for a bit of attention.



People who believe that also believed Saddam Hussein was to blame for 9/11.



And these people are allowed to breed.


Breed hell, they're allowed to become president....twice!




I have never heard anyone say that except left wingers playing a phony blame game.

I know there are surveys that say many Americans believe that (and also 1/3 Americans believe it was an inside job.)

Never met any of them face to face.


I never met a grizzly bear face to face, but I know they're still out there.


Notice I never said "People who believe that are also right-wingers who believed Saddam Hussein was to blame for 9/11.