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Some Guidance Required About Running and Big 3

18 Years Old. Medium height. 73 Kgs. Hips and thighs bigger then rest of the body , always worrying me .Body Fat Percentage : “Almost 45-49 %” . Some months of Big 3 (squat,deadlift,bench) lifting experience . Strong points : “Squat and Deadlift” . Weak Points : “Military Press and Pull-ups” .

I want to start running . Should I ? If yes , Sprinting or jogging type running ? In case of sprinting , a simple layout will be appreciated . And I took some months off due to my left knee making weird sounds while squatting . Condition is still the same . But I cant just sit and watch my butt get bigger . Better get my legs broken while lifting instead of sitting all day .

So please , advise me how to start running and/or exercising . I want to stick with core lifts . Want to do light stregth training / somewhere in the middle of bodybuilding and stregth training . That a good idea ? How can I get even better at my strong points , and how can I overcome the weak ones ?

Any other guidance about food / how to flatten the hips etc . will also be highly admired .
Please take some time , and help a beginner walk around without having to hide his butt and thighs :smile: .
Thanks In Advance .
Best Regards . . . Ajwad

This doesn’t compute. What’s your height?

With fat loss as a goal, let’s start with your diet; what did you eat yesterday?

First Of All, Thank You for your time . Right now , cant tell you my height EXACTLY , but its about 5 and a half .
About the diet . In the morning , I eat 1 0r 2 Roti(s) . If you know Indian food/Pakistani Food , you would know it , Naan Bread type (but bigger) , So Roti(s) with a fried egg or an already prepared meal (usually cooked chicken , meat , beans or pulses) . In The afternoon , again a roti with the meat (yesterday I had chicken) and the same at night . I use some youghurt with every meal . I dont drink or smoke. But the unrequired snacks are there too , like a couple of Broiches or a chocolate sometimes , a soda etc . throughout the day . Not a good diet I suppose ,
Plus , I use dates , almonds and 1 or 2 glasses of milk daily .

If these numbers are accurate, you have a concerningly low amount of lean mass for someone your height and age. You should probably see a doctor.

I don’t recommend running, you’ll grind your joints into dust. Walking is a better alternative.

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Ok . But , what kind of doctor ?
Also , In my previous months of lifting , I was better than most people of my age , ecpecially on squats and deadlifts . I guess that has nothing to do with my body condition . . .

Should I at least start lifting again ?

Well , also , I am really sorry . I completely miscalculated my body fat % . its around 25% , not 45% .

And My Heigh is 5-ft 8-inches.
Now please , some advice about running/lifting/eating . . . . whatever you like

If you set some specific and measurable performance goals, it will be easier to give you advice. What are you looking to do with your body?

You can get bigger, stronger, faster, and leaner. It will be more efficient if you pursue those general goals by focusing on specific things.

For example, my current focus is on building my 150m-400m conditioning with a larger goal of lowering my 200m time. I know that I can still get stronger in the main lifts while focusing on running, but I won’t do things that slow me down, even if they make me stronger.

So what do you see yourself accomplishing on the track, road, or lifting platform?

Thank you for your time , I want to get better aat conditioning and lifting . Lifting refers to main lifts and conditioning refers to general body strength and being able to run when the time comes . not looking to become super lean or extra bulky , If that makes any sense .

Have you looked into 5/3/1? This covers the main lifts (deadlift, squat, bench and press) and conditioning (running, prowler, etc).

I think 5/3/1 is a great program, especially for your goals.

No, it doesn’t make sense at all.

Goals are tangible. Not wishy washy answers. If you put zero effort in describing your goals, you will put less effort in the achievement.

SMART is a good place to start. It’s an acronym. Look it up.

Don’t worry about looking too muscular or lean. You will never reach those goals. Unless your mentality changes.

I am really grateful for a bitter but really honest answer . Let me tell you a bit about my situation .
I am a Pakistani , I was stuck in the traditional food culture of my country and My gym efforts didnt bear much fruit because of bad diet and less protein.

Now , I have been living in Italy since one month , where there is access to custom diet , genuine protein supplements and other accessories . But now , since I am a student , living alone in an unknown country without any relatives , it is difficult for me to afford a good gym and good protein supplemets .

And now I was thinking to start sprinting in a park nearby , with pushups and squats , until I find some means to a proper lifting and dieting setup . I dont want to wait any longer to find that “Perfect Setup” .

And thats exactly why I wrote this article , to ask for some advice about sprinting regarding my bodily conditions and stats .

Now , I would like some friendly advice and guidance .
(Bitter but honest answers are welcome.)

What do you have access to for equipment? This seems to be the limiting factor.

I guess I wasn’t honest enough.

You wrote a lot of belief that you believe are limiting factors. All you need is you. Walking takes no special equipment wathsoever.

But first, you need to set tangible goals for yourself. Get away from the negative shit. Doesn’t matter where you are, where you are from (damn, song in there) you just need to start.

These aren’t what i would eat if trying to eat healthy. Enough protein, but high calories.This might help with the food side of things…

Tangible goals:

Lift ___ amount of weight.
Complete ____ number of (bodyweight exercise) in ____ minutes.
Throw object ____ feet.
Run ____ distance in ____ (seconds/minutes).
Jump ____ distance or height.

Those are just examples. If you start a program that allows you to lift more weight, jump higher, run faster, you’ll be in better shape.

If you’re stuck, set up a mini athletic meet for yourself and record your times, weights, or distances. Even if it is just as simple as how long it takes to walk a mile. Then you have an idea of where to start.