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Some Grey Stuff


Since Ive been here for a while now and will be hanging around I thought I'd post a few pics. This will let you know who is on the other side of my posts.
I recently saw a picture of Rainjack and became a bit confused. I really expected Johnny Bravo. Just kidding. So here goes...


Oh and I'm 45, 6'1" and about 230 lb,s.
Been lifting on and off for about 25 years. Heres another.


Some weird other shot.


Last one for now...


Oh sorry I forgot the wheels.
Not a very good shot but whatever.


I'd like to edit this for you grey...

Oh and I'm 25,

Looks like you put in a 4 where a "2" shoulda been!

Pretty damned impressive at 25, 35 or 45!


45 today is supposedly the new "35"...at least for those who don't treat their bodies like shit.

Good work, Grey.


Good stuff. I wish I had found the gym fifteen years ago...


Good work. Did you happen to tear up your right shoulder, bicep, pec tear?


Good eye there. Not that it's that hard to tell.

I tore my right pec at a waterskiing slalom comp when i was about 25.

Had to learn how to bench all over.
Since then my right arm has always been a bit smaller.

What I noticed though was that my shoulders and tri's got stronger to compensate my weaker right pec.
It's all good.


Grey, way to go, us old guys have to show these younger ones what it's all about, i'm 44



Great job!

I'm 47 and got back into the gym after a more than 20 year layoff. I have a lot of ground to cover to equal what you have done. It is inspiring -- thanks for the post!


Good job Grey. Another old fuck proving that you guys can still move heavy stuff :wink:


Grey,I had a class 3 bicep tendon tear in 87.It was completely detached,I have recovered fully.Your a credit to the sport,best wishes for a STRONG new year.TRAIN HARD Jimmy T


I thought the Johnny Bravo/rainjack comparisons were behind me. Oh well - props to you for digging in the archives to find that one.

But anyhow great job!! Is that all natural? You look really lean and hard.


Thanks for the good words bro's.
Lets all kick some ass in 2006.

Now it's time to finish putting on size and about the middle of January to start cutting.
I suggest we start a progress thread here with the over 35 crowd on Jan. 15th to help each other get into summer shape.

Starting weight and measurements will be compulsory. Pics will be optional when we hit our goals....I think about May 15th. Time goes by quickly.
Just an idea. Anybody?


Time to shut up and put up, I suppose. I'm in. Measurements loose or flexed? This'll be a good way to judge the effectiveness of the Waterbury Method (which I'm starting tomorrow). Great kick in the pants, thanks grey.


Hey kroby. I think flexed. Thats the way we post pics so it makes sense to measure that way also.
I'm gonna start on the 15th when I post my numbers. Ive blown up good...real good in the last month or so. Gotta get serious or summer is gonna roll around and bite us in the ass.
I believe that posting numbers once a week will help keep us on the straight and narrow or lean and blah blah blah...