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Some Goals to Shoot For?


I have been learning the Olympic Lifts for a couple of months now and I think I'm at a point were I can say I'm OK technique-wise. I just wanted to ask if there are some "standards" in OL in what's average, what's pretty decent and what's really strong.

For example, some standards for the bench: everybody should be able to bench his BW, 1.5xBW is ok, 2xBW is strong. Or deadlift: BW - average, 2xBW - ok, 3xBW - really strong.

Are there any goals like this to shoot for in Olympic Lifting?


I just started in July, and I'm wondering the same thing. My coach says that in 1.5 years I might be able to achieve a 1.5xBW snatch and a 1.8xBW clean&jerk @85kg but I'm pretty sure that's based on how I'm doing right now.

Can any of the older lifters give some guidelines?


1X BW snatch + 1.25X BW C&J would be a good start for a beginner


Agreed, once you get a BW snatch, you can call yourself an Olympic lifter.


Thank you for the replies, now I know what I have to do.


Get to it man, lift heavy and lift often. Let us know how it goes.


Less than 1 x BW: terrible
1 x BW: avg
1.5 x BW: decent
2 x BW: Interional Competitor
2.27 x BW: Taner Sagir
2.5: God Status

This is completely made up though.


That chart would have to change for some of the heavier weight classes. At 94, I think the WR snatch is 2xBW, and there is currently nobody at 105 or 105+ who can hit a 2x bodyweight snatch.

Also, you just called Naim Suleymanoglu a god (152.5 snatch at 60kg = 2.54BW snatch)


That's true, I'm 77, so those numbers make sense to me.

Naim is basically a god. He just didn't tell anyone.